Recover deleted files — yes she did!

It’s been a great first week for PerfectFileRecovery. Less than a week from the launch, sales are exceeding expectations. And while we know a lot of users just want the protection for that potential “gotcha” moment, we know the product really shines when near disaster strikes. So here is our first true story to share.

Many long-time Raxco Software customers know Bruce Atkins, who handles maintenance as well as new contracts for our business users. Two days after the PerfectFileRecovery launch, last Friday, Bruce came across this Facebook post from longtime friend Cindi Drakeford, of Tennessee:

“So my son wanted to make a super tall NBA player on NBA 2K12. Needed to use a “flashdrive” to save something from Xbox. Used my external hard drive, which had ALL of my pictures — years and years of music downloads, videos from my kids’ sports games, documents from the last 10 years…and who knows what else. All gone because when the Xbox asked if he wanted to “configure” the drive, he said YES! I think I’m going to cry now. :-(“

Drakeford had just experienced her “Oh S%&!* moment.

You can imagine the reaction after such a Facebook post. Lots of friends chimed in, mostly with sympathy.  But as soon as Bruce came across the post, he realized he might be able to help Cindi. He posted on Cindi’s wall, telling her about PerfectFileRecovery. No promises, Bruce told her she might want to give it a try. She did, and followed up 2 days later with this update on her Facebook wall:

“OMG! Yesterday I thought I had lost everything on my hard drive…but thanks to my high school classmate and fellow HOKIE, I might actually be able to retrieve everything!!! Thanks Bruce Atkins!!! Those VA Tech Graduates are brilliant! And so is PerfectFileRecovery! ;-)”

Yes, Bruce is a big Virginia Tech Hokie fan, and Virginia Tech alumni and fans wear their pride on their sleeves. So they loved the Hokie connection. Cindi is going through hundreds of pictures, videos and files now that she thought were lost forever.

Deleted files — recaptured. Disaster relief from PerfectFileRecovery. True story.

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