Recover deleted files — Niagara Falls trip saved


It has to be a terrible feeling to lose precious pictures that can never be replaced. Since we released PerfectFileRecovery just last week, the stories continue to come in, surprising even us as to how common the problem is.

Deleting photos is easy. But if you want to recover deleted pictures or recover deleted files of other types? Not so…until now.

Here’s our most recent sad-turned-happy story, from Des Sosu, IT Consultant for Skairo Technologies.

“I took a friend and her children to Niagara Falls, took some pictures but forgot to transfer the pictures to my hard drive. About a week or 2 later, I erased everything on the camera, thinking I had saved the pictures. Thankfully I saw PerfectfFileRecovery and as a big fan and promoter of PerfectDisk, I decided to try.  Not only did PerfectfFileRecovery recover my files, but the pictures are in excellent condition. It’s now part of my favorite tools. Thank you guys for coming up with such an amazing tool.”

Well, we thank Des for sharing his story and lesson on how to recover deleted files.

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