Windows 8 defrag, Windows Server 2012 defrag and more coming soon

We have reached Release Candidate 1 for PerfectDisk 12.5 Service Pack 5, as we head toward our planned release date of October 10th. Support for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 will be included in this service pack.

We are not able to make this RC 1 available to anyone else at this time — thanks for your patience — October 10th will be here soon!

Major changes have been made with the Enterprise Console to help our business users. These changes include:

  • PerfectDisk now uses SQL Compact Edition, so no database setup is required.
  • Ability to migrate from SQL CE to SQL Server as necessary.
  • Auto-purge of items in queue
  • Fixed display of OU linked groups
  • Improved and easier setup
  • Enhanced Deployment
    • Auto-detection if client x86 or x64 and deploy appropriately
    • Reduction in number of steps for deployment
    • Auto-detection of computers where PerfectDisk is not installed
    • Auto-assign Sync Schedule and Report Schedule
  • Enhanced patching and updating
    • Reduced number of steps
    • Auto-detection if client x86 or x64 and update appropriately
  • Enhanced licensing
    • New display to show license keys and which computers assigned
    • Ability to delete a license key
  • Enhanced Task Management
    • New split-screen display for tasks and assigned computers

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