How to Breathe Life into an Old PC

After long term use, your computer’s Windows registry can be a collection point for incomplete and invalid registry entries from newly installed programs, pieces of uninstalled programs, and harmful edits to your system by viruses and other malware. These invalid registry entries can confuse your system and result in unreliable PC behavior.

How to Breathe Life into an Old PC

Take care of the nasty registry errors slowing down your computer’s performance, causing freezing and hanging programs, and in some cases, rendering your PC inoperable.

Find and fix System-Related errors, Com and Active-X errors, user-related errors, and Startup and Uninstall errors:

Step 1: Download PerfectRegistry
Step 2: Run a Scan of Your Registry
Step 3: Click Fix Errors to Speed Up Your PC
Step 4: Optimize Your Registry in the Defrag Registry Tab
Step 5: You’re Done!

PerfectRegistry will find invalid registry entries that are hurting your computer’s performance and fix them to improve your system’s speed.

Because new system software can create registry entries that look suspicious, PerfectRegistry takes an automatic backup of your system registry before making ANY changes, so that if any suspicious registry entries are flagged, removed and turn out to be a part of new system software, you can roll back the registry edits and restore the entries that must remain on your PC to make that new software function properly.

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    1. I hear that! PerfectRegistry can’t damage your system. It has a built-in backup & restore feature that automatically saves your registry settings as a restore point BEFORE it fixes any issues.