PerfectDisk 12.5 Service Pack (SP) 5 Build 312

The PerfectDisk 12.5 Client and Enterprise Console have been updated to Service Pack (SP) 5 (Build 312).

This build includes support for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.

The PerfectDisk Client contains the following enhancements and changes:

  1. PefectDisk is now compatible with Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.
  2. Consistent handling of SSD drives, Flash and USB removable drives in accordance with the selected global settings.
  3. Fixed handling of missed schedules when the computer is in sleep or hibernation mode.
  4. Blocked drivers list has been updated.
  5. Fixed compatibility issues with SoftPerfect RamDisk software.
  6. Improved GUI responsiveness and CPU usage.
  7. Fixed occasional system lock-ups in OptiWrite driver and its compatibility with ESET Antivirus software.
  8. Fixed occasional hanging during volume defragmentation.
  9. Fixed crashes occurring during unattended schedule runs.
  10. Eliminated excessive running instances of update check executable.
  11. Improved PD log display.
  12. More detailed display of support info.
  13. Multiple GUI fixes in PefectDisk connected to a remote computer.
  14. Fixed errors in vSphere virtual guest on non English versions of Windows.
  15. Several fixes related to deployment of configuration settings to the PerfectDisk computer.
  16. Fixed several issues with storage of volume statistics in the PerfectDisk database.

The PerfectDisk Enterprise Console contains the following enhancements and changes:

  1. Added capability to auto-delete Tasks older than configured time.
  2. Improved and simplified Deployment wizard.
  3. Improved and simplified Patching wizard.
  4. Fixed OU linked groups and how they display.
  5. Improved licensing procedures via the new License Management tab.
  6. Improved and enhanced Task Management.
  7. Added automatic sync-after deployment/patch, Schedule assignment, License assignment and Configuration Profile assignment.
  8. Added support for Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition as a supported database technology.
  9. Added support for Windows authentication (Trusted Connection) in database configuration and setup.
  10. Improved readability of error message text.
  11. New default schedules created during new install and selected by default during deployment.
  12. Added support for creating new default ‘Desktops’ and ‘Servers’ groups during new install.
  13. Omitted Microsoft SQL Server Express .MSI files from delivered installation kit.
  14. Fixed issue where managed computers were not being displayed in various wizards.
  15. Fixed issue where managed computers were not able to sync if Console Report Schedule was assigned.
  16. Fixed issue with Deployment credentials not being set when importing Console settings.

In PerfectDisk, users can click Help then Check for Updates to immediately update to SP 5, or wait for AutoUpdate.

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      1. When you Install the downloaded full setup PD 12.5 Pro, the setup shows Perfectdisk 12.5 Professional. But when you start the trial, the title shows Perfectdisk 12.5, but not Perfectdisk 12.5 Professional.
        The msi-Package shows also Perfectdisk 12.5 Professional.
        The installed PD Pro is a PD Home Premium.

  1. Hi — We installed both PD 12.5 Pro and PD12.5 Home Premium. In the title bar for each – it says PerfectDisk Trial – just as it did before. With Pro installed, the Dashboard and Smart tabs are available – which is correct. With Home installed, the Dashboard and Smart tabs are NOT available – which is correct.

    Are you seeing something different?


    1. Ok, with home installed, the smart tab and dashboard are not visible.
      With Pro installed (x64!!) these tabs are available. Then it must be the business version?!

      When you install the PD 12.5 Pro full setup build 309, it shows Professional in the titlebar.
      After this you install the msp-patch build 312, the titlebar shows also professional.
      But when you install 12.5 Pro full setup build 312, the “Professional” is not in the titlebar.
      The smart and dashboard tabs are in the three builds/installs available.

  2. Pd 12.5 B 312 Trial will not defragment the hiberfil.sys. The checkbox to disable the defragmentation of it, is unchecked. So it must theoretically defragment. but it doesent (Windows 8, x64)
    The log says:

    121010-17:45:47.88 DefragFs: IRP_MJ_CREATE: ‘Hiberfil.sys’, DesiredAccess = 0x00100080.
    121010-17:45:47.91 DefragFs: Created Fcb = 0xFFFFF8A00016BEB0, Name = HIBERFIL.SYS.
    121010-17:45:47.96 DefragFs: HiberFil.sys open intercepted.
    121010-17:45:48.33 DefragFs: IRP_MJ_CREATE: ”, DesiredAccess = 0x00100001.
    121010-17:45:48.34 PDBoot: Hiberfil.sys id = 48

  3. Your products for PerfectDisk list a “Home Premium” and “Pro”. But your trial downloads list “Pro (home)” and “Pro (business)” I am starting a download from the “Pro (home)” link but the file name is “PD12.5_Pro.exe”. Can you clarify please?

    1. Pro (Home) is the PerfectDisk Pro product on the home user side. Pro (Business) is the business version, which is networkable (for compamies that want to centrally manage multiple PCs). There is no download link on the blog for Home Premium. Home Premium doesn’t have the Space Management features of PerfectDisk Pro. If you want to try PerfectDisk Home Premium, you can download it here:

    2. Hi Paul, there is a Home Premium available under the Home section, but there is also a Pro version under the Home section. The Home are Business Pro versions are basically the same product (feature-wise); they just have different licensing models. Sorry for the confusion…thanks.

  4. I know PerfectDisk supports traditional hard drives, and SSD, where SSD’s have very different needs. But, what about hybrid? I’ve got one of those Seagate notebook hybrid drives. 750 GB hard disk, and what, 32 GB SSD, something like that. How does PerfectDisk handle that?

    1. Hi Paul,

      What makes a drive a hybrid is that there is a traditional HDD component to the drive as well as a large amount of flash memory. Flash memory is used to cache frequently read/written data. However, all data is eventually stored on the HDD component of the drive – it is cached on the flash memory component as determined by the drive controller.

      Windows doesn’t know that a drive is a hybrid – so PD doesn’t know. All Windows knows is that the drive is formatted as FATx/NTFS and that is all PD sees as well, and will defragment it as such.