Does Your Security Software Pass The Test?

Does Your Security Software Pass The Test?How do you know if your antivirus really protects you from all Internet threats? Until now, it was just a guessing game – and taking the word of your security software provider. Test Your Security Software Our new Simulator Tests safely mimick the activities of webcam logger and clipboard logger malware, without actually posing a threat to your privacy, in order to test your existing security software for protection against:

  • Webcam Loggers designed to record and share everything your webcam sees
  • Clipboard Loggers designed to collect and share everything you copy, cut and paste

Run each test separately to make sure you are protected against both threats.

If you are running PerfectGuard on your PC, disable all PerfectGuard protection modules before beginning the test to accurately assess your current antivirus software. If the test does NOT trigger a warning message from your existing security software, then your current antivirus product is leaving you vulnerable to spyware. If your security software can’t block our simulated malware, they don’t stand a chance against the real thing! 100% Safe Simulators

  • Solely for testing your security software
  • NO install required – close or delete at any time
  • Run visibly and completely under your control
  • Cannot store any data or information
  • Cannot damage your computer or system

Raxco’s PerfectGuard antilogger protects you in ways most security software can’t. It patches up the vulnerabilities left open by traditional antivirus software. PerfectGuard doesn’t replace your antivirus solution – your PC security just works better and does more to protect you with PerfectGuard installed. Running the Tests with PerfectGuard

When running the tests with Raxco PerfectGuard enabled, you will see a warning message like the one shown above. You can create a rule to block any type of malware by checking Create rule and clicking Block. To edit rules, go to your PerfectGuard Management Console Rules List to change a setting or delete a rule. To accurately test your existing security software, you must delete any existing rules created by PerfectGuard related to these simulator tests.

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