The best disk defrag to improve PC performance

The world of Windows disk defrag and PC performance optimization has evolved significantly over the years. Once upon a time, any discussion, besides whether or not it was important, was just about disk defrag and file defragmentation. And that was it. Early on, Raxco recognized there was a lot more to it, including the fact that free space consolidation was a really important piece of the overall “disk defrag” discussion.

Raxco pioneered implementing free space consolidation in PerfectDisk’s defrag programs, and went even beyond that with our patented SMARTPlacement optimization, which also recognized the importance of file placement in the whole strategy. And the world has now further evolved to actual fragmentation prevention, implemented as part of PerfectDisk’s exclusive OptiWrite technology.

But sometimes, it’s just the simple concept of a great disk defrag that will give you improved PC performance. Especially on an old system. Trite as it may sound, “just” a single defrag pass can bring new life to an old PC.

Check out this unsolicited email we recently received from Brian De Nigris of East Meadow, New York:

“I just wanted to write and say thank you for your great product. I recently purchased and it has corrected a long-standing problem on my PC that I had spent many many hours on the phone trying to correct with Microsoft Techs. Numerous nights on the phone with them where they said the only way to fix my defrag was to completely delete my XP system and reinstall. This was not an option for me since it’s more problems than it is worth to do. Finally I read an article in PC World recommending your company and products, and decided to purchase. Well, my problems are solved and my PC is working great, since now I can properly defrag my system .”

Real world. Real story. A faster PC via a PerfectDisk defrag.


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