Windows 8 Roundup — A Few Top Reads

The number of articles, reviews and blog posts on Windows 8 has increased with each week over the last several months, and it reached a fever pitch over the last week as the we finally reached the official launch of Windows 8. There has been so much written and so much buzz over the last few days, it almost seemed like an Apple launch! Even some cool TV ads. It was nice to see some general, well-deserved excitement over a Microsoft release.

If you haven’t been following the whole release cycle closely, there’s a lot to catch up on, but it’s certainly doable. Here are a few of my recent favorites on Windows 8 over just the last few days, which I hope will give you a broad overview of Microsoft’s newest offering, including some the proverbial good, bad and ugly. But really, I wanted to extract just a few items that will help you as you look to learn more about Windows 8. While there have been a lot of positive reviews on Windows 8, I can’t say it’s been universal praise. Change is never easy for most people.

Anyway, here we go.

Computerworld has provide a lot of in-depth coverage of Windows 8 as well as the new Surface tablets. In particular, its Windows 8 Cheat Sheet acts as a getting started guide to give you an overview of what’s new and how to use it. Computerworld also looks at Windows 8 from a more strategic perspective, such as Friday’s Analysts dissect Microsoft’s Windows 8 pitch.

PC World and PC Magazine had lots of coverage pre- and post-launch. Some of it insightful and knowledgeable, other a bit light on analysis or real in-depth information. For example, PC World’s Why You Should Upgrade to Windows 8 offers some interesting points, although perhaps not the most compelling arguments to run out and purchase the new OS.

Information Week, Info World and Network World all have provided extensive coverage. For those looking from a more business perspective, Network World’s articles such as Microsoft targets virtualization with Windows 8/Windows Server combo provide insight on the big changes at the server level and how Microsoft is really gunning for a piece of VMware’s virtualization action.

For some real in-the-know details and up-to-the-minute Windows 8 information, blogs such as Mary Jo Foley’s All About Microsoft, Paul Thurrott’s Supersite for Windows and Microsoft MVP Richard Hay’s have been go-to sources for all things Windows 8 and Surface.

Of course, once you’ve upgraded or purchased your new PC with Windows 8, don’t forget to run PerfectDisk to optimize your drives and keep your PC running as fast as possible.

Let me know if there are other sites that you would recommend for Windows 8 news and analysis.

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