The Danger of Using Free File Recovery Programs

The danger of using free file recovery softwareThe timing of this post is quite appropriate given that it’s Halloween and the huge Hurricane Sandy “Frankenstorm” hit the east cost of the U.S. this week (also the reason why this post is getting published now and not on Monday, when my power went out). We hope that everyone is safe and well out there.

Tricky things can happen when a power surge or power loss hits your computer. Sometimes you’re presented with that “would you like to boot up in Safe Mode” screen and no matter which option you choose, you sit there with your fingers crossed hoping that nothing has affected your programs and files. The scary part is when it’s not the blackout but the supposed solution that causes permanent file loss.

Free File Recovery = Permanent Data Loss?

Being a savvy shopper and bargain hunter, I always look for the best deal I can find, no matter what I’m in the market to buy. Naturally, I love free samples. But I do draw a line in the sand when it comes to free stuff. If the free product sacrifices privacy, quality, or function, I’m not interested…which brings me to the topic of this post.

Many free file recovery programs sabotage the exact purpose of the product: finding and recovering deleted and missing files.

4 Issues with Free File Recovery Programs

The top four problems with free file recovery programs:

  • Your privacy’s at risk from hidden 3rd party download add-ons
  • Installing free programs can permanently delete some files
  • Free programs can’t search for traces of files with missing names
  • Most free programs can’t recover files from corrupt drives

Besides the obvious threat of third party software that can be secretly installed with any free downloadable product, and the risk these downloads pose to your privacy, the problem with most free file recovery programs is that you must download and install them to your computer before you can search for deleted files.

When you’re looking to restore missing files, installing any program will make changes to your hard drive that could potentially delete those missing files permanently. If you install a free file recovery program over the lost files and overwrite them, they are gone for good.

Fortunately, Raxco’s PerfectFileRecovery is a NO install-required file recovery solution that won’t make permanent changes to your drives. Just download, scan for and preview missing files.

PerfectFileRecovery can also find traces of missing files that may have lost their file names. Most other file recovery programs (free and paid) cannot search for files that no longer have their “Saved As” names associated with them. If you search for missing files using PerfectFileRecovery and you don’t see the name of the file you’re looking for, it may be found under the name “Discovered_” followed by a number. You can sort these files by file type or date to narrow down your search.

Finally, after a power outage or power surge, you may also run into corrupt drive issues. While most other programs (paid and free) cannot function properly on drives that have been corrupted, PerfectFileRecovery can retrieve lost files from corrupt drives – both physical and virtual.

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