Computer Optimizer PerfectRegistry Cuts Start Time 80%

Computer Optimizer PerfectRegistry Cuts Start Up Time 80 PercentSlow computer boot time is a common issue we have all experienced at one point or another. If you have an older computer, if you’ve installed and removed many programs, or if you’ve made changes and edited your registry manually, the accumulated and leftover Windows registry entries can have a disastrous effect on computer speed and performance, including, most noticeably, computer start time.

Raxco is a pioneer in computer optimization on multiple fronts, leading with our flagship product PerfectDisk, which solves many PC performance problems. But in some cases, it’s the Windows registry that needs help – and now we can help ALL Windows PC operating systems: Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP.

There are hundreds of thousands of registry entries on your PC that can be outdated due to uninstalled programs leaving registry keys behind or file extensions with no associated applications. In severe cases, a thorough and safe computer optimizer like PerfectRegistry is required to eliminate the unnecessary clutter and improve speed.

CNET user cottsvalley saw “awesome improvements in PC start time” with the PerfectRegistry computer optimizer cutting his 10-minute PC boot time down to 2 minutes – an 80% speed improvement:

“This is a fantastic utility. As a previous Director of IT for a Silicon Valley company, I am usually skeptical when trying software that claims to speed up your computer. With this software, you have my full, unreserved recommendation. I have already told all of my friends and family to buy it. When I first ran the program, it detected more than 3000 errors in my registry!! This would explain my very slow boot time of about 10 minutes. After the cleanup (it actually took 2 passes to get it thoroughly cleaned), my boot time was reduced to just 2 minutes! This software delivers on its promises.”

CNET user PJPappas0302 also thinks the PerfectRegistry computer optimizer is a “great utility program:”

 “Have used program for approximately a year now with no trouble or problems. As compared to Registry Mechanic by pc tools, I am much more satisfied with Perfect Registry.”

“This is a great utility tool for finding and repairing all of your registry errors.”

Adding additional recommendations of Raxco products PerfectDisk Pro and PerfectUpdater, this user praises our support team as well:

“Raxco tech support has been outstanding as well not that I have ever needed them for an issue other than help obtaining a lost product key.”

What makes PerfectRegistry such a great and safe solution for Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP computer users is its thorough registry cleaning, defrag, and registry backup and restore options, allowing you to revert changes if necessary (which is often needed with aggressive registry cleaning tools, although not offered with other computer optimizers). Download PerfectRegistry and run a free scan on your computer to see the number and type of registry errors slowing your computer down.

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