All-in-One Defrag across PCs, Servers & Virtualization: PerfectDisk Enterprise Suite

Over the years, as we have expanded the PerfectDisk family of products to encompass the evolving IT enterprise landscape, PerfectDisk users have benefited from optimization covering their entire terrain of Windows systems:

  • Servers
  • Desktops and laptops
  • Virtual servers in vSphere , Hyper-V and Citrix environments
  • Microsoft Exchange

This evolution has also presented a challenge to these organizations. They reap the benefits from improved performance across the entire enterprise, but there is the associated burden of license counting and budget planning, sometimes when even the organization’s plans are not set in stone.

Introducing the PerfectDisk Enterprise Suite

Many of the world’s largest companies, and many others, are PerfectDisk users, and we have worked closely with them over the years to ensure we continue to deliver the technical solutions they need. In this instance, we’ve worked with our business partners to address this licensing and budget issue that is really more of a business challenge than a technological challenge.

And the answer we’ve come up with — jointly — is the PerfectDisk Enterprise Suite for performance optimization across the entire organization. Physical and virtual servers, PCs, Exchange. We have solutions for the entire ecosystem — and now we are providing them all as a fully integrated suite, managed by the PerfectDisk Enterprise Console.

Complete Optimization Across Your Entire Enterprise more worrying about how many new servers and PCs will be added next year and how they will be covered. No more confusion if virtualization plans are expanding and hosts are being added. And certainly no concern about number of guests. No more counting licenses.

The PerfectDisk Enterprise Suite includes:

  • PerfectDisk Pro Business
  • PerfectDisk Server
  • PerfectDisk vSphere
  • PerfectDisk Hyper-V
  • PerfectDisk Exchange
  • PerfectDisk Enterprise Console.

We’re proud of the many innovations we’ve brought to the market over the years — disk optimization, free space consolidation, large drive support, virtualization awareness, to name a few.

And we’re now happy to offer this suite as the industry’s first and only solution to cover an organization’s entire Windows optimization needs — physical and virtual — in an integrated suite, for a single price. With no surprises.

One suite. One price. All products.

Available today.

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