Best defrag for Developers, Windows 8 and Big Data

PerfectDisk users cover a wide range of people. Casual PC users, power users, photographers, gamers, to name just a few.

One group of people that are regular users of PerfectDisk include software developers. These are people that certainly know a lot about quality software and what makes a program worthy to spend hard-earned dollars on. And they also typically place great value on performance, not being able to tolerate inefficiency in their applications, and needing to see real system improvement.

Martin Hart of Memory Soft, located on a small island in the Mediterranean called Menorca (next to the more popular island of Majorca), talked to us recently about his experience with PerfectDisk.

Martin is a computer programmer with over 20 years of experience. His work with Memory Soft is focused on enterprise reporting solutions. He told us:

“Since discovering PerfectDisk, I find my machine is much more fluid. As the majority of our work is compiling, debugging and testing, large amounts of data are moved around. Having PerfectDisk look after this for me is a real plus! Other products I have tried in the past just don’t come up to the same standard, and either slow the computer down or just do a bad job at keeping fragmentation to a minimum.”

Martin was also anxious for PD SP 5 with Windows 8 support, adding “I’m delighted with PerfectDisk, and was lost without it on Windows 8 (I installed the MSDN (Microsoft Developers Network) release for developers in August).”

Another niche where PerfectDisk comes through as the best defragmenter.

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