SDelete Zero Free Space — A Smarter Way

One aspect of SDelete that I’ve written about previously bears mentioning again and in a separate post. So here it is.

While there are various issues and problems with SDelete that don’t make it ideal, I want to discuss one in particular: Free space.

When running SDelete to zero out free space, one thing you need to do is shut down all applications and services that may require disk space. This is necessary because SDelete will consume every bit of available free space on the drive at some point. That’s just how it is designed. Not very convenient for a production environment. Many would say that makes it unusable in production.

A much smarter method would be to not use all that space. So you wouldn’t need to worry about what applications and services are running, and you would just go about your zero fill operations when you need to. And keep your business running.

Easier. Smarter.

Arriving in 2013.

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