Still Love for the Desktop PC — No, Really!

As the movement towards more and more mobile devices marches on with a new tablet or smart phone introduced seemingly every week, it’s easy to conclude that we are witnessing not only the decline, but perhaps the death of the PC. And if you did not conclude that, you might give a little bit of attention to the laptop, but not the desktop. I mean really — in this day and age — is there anyone talking about the power and unique benefits of the desktop PC?

Well, yes.

Certainly here at Raxco, we recognize that there are still hundreds of millions of PCs, including desktops, around the world. And while the decline of PC sales has been well documented, they are still being bought — they haven’t joined dinosaurs in becoming extinct by any means. Which is why, even as we enter new markets, we continue to provide solutions that help PC and laptop users have a better experience with them and be more productive.

Galen Gruman authored an article in InfoWorld today entitled Why the desktop PC may see a comeback in the mobile era. Galen makes the point that, while recognizing the PC decline and the tablet surge, the desktop PC may see growth because there are still things it’s needed for. And even as families and businesses add tablets, a desktop is the best solution for certain circumstances…circumstances that fit for many families and businesses.

No, I’m not blind — I know the PC is declining. And you may or may not see merit in Gavin’s argument. Still, while a new world emerges, we’ll help with the transition, whatever that means for you.

What about you — are you holding on to your desktop — or has it gone the way of the T. rex?

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