Hassle-Free Performance Optimization

A little over a month ago, we introduced the PerfectDisk Enterprise Suite, an all-in-one optimization and defrag solution to ensure top performance from every PC, physical server and virtual machine across an entire enterprise. As I wrote then, the suite was a result of our continued relationships with numerous companies and government agencies over the years. While we have worked with these organizations to bring technological advances, this particular initiative was the result of our discussions as to how to make their lives easier in managing their licenses and the administrative part or our relationship easier.

As a result, the PerfectDisk Enterprise Suite gives users:

  • Unlimited PerfectDisk licenses for every workstation, server and virtual machine
  • All one price, no matter how many machines you add or how large your organization grows
  • Central management of all machines across your entire enterprise
  • Seamless coverage during P2V migrations.

In a nutshell, CIOs, IT directors and system administrators were telling us they wanted a simpler way to manage the business of performance optimization. The integrated suite addresses this, and more.

A huge hassle of the planning and budgeting process is projecting growth and counting licenses. That headache is gone with the enterprise suite, as its mantra is one price, one suite, all products. And it works for SMBs too, with appropriate pricing. So for those smaller businesses that think the word “enterprise” might make them ineligible, that is not the case, as there are plans for them also.

Well, the suite has proved popular beyond our expectations. Many long-time customers have taken advantage of the suite to increase the coverage  of systems across their enterprise — at an overall savings! In addition, we’ve had an influx of new customers and companies that have been users of  the competitive products. Frankly, we’ve been astounded by the interest. We knew there was interest, because our business partners and customers asked for this — we just didn’t know the interest level would be so high.

It’s living proof of the power of partnerships and listening to our customers and the market.

If your business or agency is looking for hassle-free performance optimization across the enterprise, check out the PerfectDisk Enterprise Suite. It will make you your organization’s IT super hero.

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