Why You Shouldn’t Wait for SD Card Driver Update Notifications

PerfectUpdater driver updater -- not sexy but necessary

What’s more unsexy than a disk optimizer and disk defrag for your PCs and servers? You might think there is no such thing, and maybe you’re right. But it could be that a driver update is the answer. Making sure that you have the latest drivers for all your devices to help ensure your system is running at peak performance? Yeah, it’s important, if not so sexy.

So PerfectUpdater just might give PerfectDisk a run for its money in the Most Boring Product category. But that doesn’t mean it’s not hugely important.

Don’t Wait for Vendor Driver Update Notices

Not all vendors list the most recent drivers on their websites or provide driver update notifications, if you can believe it. Take the recent situation that Marc Anthony Salvatini, an experienced computer user from Columbus, Ohio, went through. He was so happy he wrote to us to share his experience with PerfectUpdater:

“I can’t say enough good things about the product. My work PC totally crashed, and my company sent me the re-image disks for Window 7 Enterprise. It’s a Lenovo product. I assumed since it was a complete re-image all would be fine. Hah!

“Components/drivers were missing or not found by Windows. In particular, one item was extremely bothersome: the recognition of the SD card slot, where I have a 32 Gig card I use as a fully devoted Speed Boost device under Windows 7, to give me better performance. I went to Lenovo’s site and downloaded every device driver package, including the latest chip set updates, all to no avail.

“I used your product and it found 17 updates needed, including the SD card driver. After running your product and installing everything, my machine works better now than when they shipped it to me new!!!! My SD card is back acting as the speed boost, the video drivers are better. It works perfectly; actually, it works better than the day I opened the box on the new machine. 

PerfectUpdater driver updater -- not sexy but necessary“While I don’t run it daily, I am so confident that I’ll always have the most up-to-date drivers, even before Lenovo decides to release an update (which they never notify you), all due to your PerfectUpdater. After downloading and using it, I made two back up CDs of the package, put a copy on my back-up drive, and another on my personal cloud drives on my home network.

“It’s at the top of my ‘Life or Death’ utilities toolbox, and I never will be without it. Ever.

“My best regards to your development team. It’s a benchmark of how such a utility should work. I have other similar products, such as Driver Detective and others, and they simply aren’t in the same league.

“I try to use many different utilities for PCs. Yours is in the top three must have. I have yet to try it out on another personal laptop I have upgraded to Windows 8. But while the upgrade to Windows 8 on my personal machine doesn’t seem to have issues, with any PC, especially with an OS upgrade, I’m curious to see what’s up.

“Machine vendors are all weak in getting the email or any notification of driver updates. Your product assures my devices updates/drivers are always current.

“It was inexpensive to give me ‘sleep insurance.'”

Don’t wait for an update notice from your vendors that may never come. PerfectUpdater may sound dull and boring on the surface, but underneath, it’s as exciting as PerfectDisk!

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