Remotely Administer Windows Users — A New Way is Coming

Remotely administer Windows users

Hey, here’s a great job — apply your Windows knowledge, have responsibility for maintaining and operating a company’s computer systems and network, work with people, and get to help senior management. It’s technical and has high visibility — what a gig!

Except, as a Windows system administrator, you know all too well that the realities of the day-to-day job can often get in the way of true job satisfaction. As Wikipedia states in its list of responsibilities for System Administrator, “perhaps the most important skill for a system administrator is problem solving — frequently under various sorts of constraints and stress.” Yes, it’s often the constraints and stress that really get to you and make the job a lot less fun than it might otherwise be.

Well, we want to take some of the constraints and stress out of the system admin job so you can have more fun solving problems and letting everyone from senior management all the way down realize how great a problem solver you are.

One of the reasons the job can be so hard now is that you often can’t avoid using most or all of the standard tools within Windows to manage your users. There are all these things you need to do — and you do them — but it’s not always so easy. Especially when your users and their computers are in remote locations.

What if there was a better, faster, easier way to manage all your remote users and perform remote Windows management:

  • Easily manage all your end users without leaving your desk
  • Save time by remotely completing administrative tasks
  • Remotely reboot all your servers and PCs — quickly and safely
  • Quickly troubleshoot remote user problems
  • Remotely start and stop Windows services
  • And a whole lot more.

Remotely administer Windows users

That better, faster, easier way is coming.

You’ll now be able to continually monitor your networks, servers, host machines and file systems, so you can better manage and control resource usage and capacities. You’ll be able to protect your data and systems access by monitoring and enforcing your corporate security policies easily. You can fix problems the instant they occur, through automated procedures triggered by alarms, or by manual intervention after being automatically alerted to a problem.

Do it all with one user interface.

Windows remote management —  a new way.

Coming soon.

Windows remote management -- coming soon

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