2013 — Onward

2013 -- forward for Raxco with performance, storage and virtualization solutions

As I’ve written here over the last several months, and regular readers and users have observed, 2012 was a challenging year as Raxco Software went through several changes that had an impact on many of our customers. We’ve worked hard to address key areas of the company, and as we look back on the past year and ahead to 2013, we’ve made significant strides. But big changes aren’t easy; you don’t just flip a switch. So the hard work continues as we strive to maintain our leadership in our key technology competencies, technical support and customer service. And 2012 ended very positively for us, with revenue and new customers well up over the previous year.

Raxco’s mission continues to be to deliver best-of-breed performance, virtualization and storage management solutions, along with superior technical support and customer service to the enterprise, small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and home and home office markets.

I wanted to give an update on several key business areas:

1.  Technical Support and Customer Service

As disclosed earlier, technical support and customer service has been moved back to and overseen by corporate headquarters. This has allowed us to implement better control, oversight and training over these important areas. For over 30 years, we built a reputation and earned customers with what we believe to be the best technical support and customer service in the industry. Based on the feedback and surveys we have done with our customer base, we believe that we realize this position and status again. There is still room for improvement, and we are continually evaluating our support procedures and staffing, and will continue to adjust as necessary to ensure we deliver superior technical support and customer service.

2.  Enhancements and ongoing maintenance to the PerfectDisk family of products

In October 2012, we released PerfectDisk 12 Service Pack  5. It really was more than “just a service pack.” The truth is, for our home consumers and SOHO users, it may not have seemed like a “major” release. However, there were significant performance improvements made, and numerous enhancements for our business users to streamline just about everything they do for managing PerfectDisk in physical and virtual environments.

Internally, there had been much discussion around calling the release SP 5 or PD 13. In the end, we went with SP 5, so those going only by the “big” number may not fully appreciate what SP 5 is. Nevertheless, 13 is coming in 2013, and is in development now.

We released the PerfectDisk Enterprise Suite, which despite its name, is a very appealing set of products for small businesses as well as large organizations. The power of the PerfectDisk technology combined with an incredibly easy licensing scheme covering every physical and virtual computer a business has, has made the Enterprise Suite our most successful new release since the introduction of our vSphere and Hyper-V products.

2013 -- forward for Raxco with performance, storage and virtualization solutions

3.  New product research and development

New consumer and SOHO products launched in 2012 included RamDisk Plus, PerfectGuard and PerfectFileRecovery. On the business side, RamDisk Plus, RamDisk Plus Server and PerfectFileRecovery were launched in 2012. Two new products are in the works for 2013. We are committed to continue to deliver best-of-breed performance, storage and administrative enhancement tools, along with accompanying superior technical support, for the SMB and enterprise markets.

We stumbled briefly in the latter part of 2011 and first part of 2012. We’ve made significant strides in correcting those missteps and are firmly focused on a great 2013 to follow a strong end of 2012 that saw revenue and new customer gains increase over the previous year. We continue to gain new customers from our competitors, led by the PerfectDisk Enterprise Suite.

With the suite and a pipeline of new products set to roll out, we are as excited as ever for the coming year.

2013 -- Onward for Raxco Software

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