Windows Remote Administration Tool: Huge Time-Saver for System Managers

Remote management -- a better wayThis is the day.

You’ve got a clean slate after solving a bunch of end user problems yesterday, so today you can do some of those higher-end tasks you haven’t had a chance to get to:

  • Maybe work on a plan for upgrading your servers
  • Research the latest Windows capabilities and decide if and when it makes sense to migrate
  • Think “big ideas” so you can really show the company how you can put the latest technology to use to benefit the company and all its end users

So grab that cup of coffee, settle down, and…..BAM! The daily IT superhero to-do list begins again:

  1. Here’s an email from the VP of Sales stating he’s having printer problems — in his home office in Boston.
  2. Bob the accountant says his PC, over in Campus Building #2, is at a crawl.
  3. Julie in Development is trying to download a file from Microsoft and says something’s wrong with Internet access.
  4. The Senior VP of Professional Services has a new employee starting tomorrow — and he forgot to tell you until today.
    • Oh, and his print server is “acting up.”

System admin time saverGood bye, strategic thinking and doing! Hello, firefighting…made all the more painful and time consuming because your users are spread out in various locations.

What to do? Trek on over to Building #2? Get on the phone with Bob? Fire up a bunch of windows to deal with all the issues and meddle with various cumbersome Windows utilities to try to fix the problems? Not for long.

More Efficient Remote Management

Put your feet up, grab your keyboard — and fix these problems without running around, without opening multiple consoles, without messing with cryptic tools, without unnecessary phone calls.

Without leaving your desk, you’ll be able to:

  • Support thousands of remote users’ desktops and laptops — or 50
  • Troubleshoot remote servers
  • Connect to unattended machines
  • Easily grab screen shots with a single click
  • Deploy remote agents.
  • You can even apply actions to multiple machines with just a few mouse clicks

All from a single console.

These are just a few of the powerful capabilities you’ll have at your fingertips.

So you’ll have more time for bigger and better initiatives, thereby increasing your value to your company.

Windows remote management –  a new way.

Coming soon.

Windows remote management

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