SSD prices coming down — goes perfectly with SSD optimization

SSD optimization for SSD drives

In case you missed it, Micron last week announced its first terabyte-sized solid-state drive (SSD) for consumers, the Crucial M500, which will sell for under $600, or 60 cents per gigabyte. The new SSD almost doubles the capacity over its predecessor and comes in several versions, including an ultrathin card. A 2.5-in. laptop drive version that can hold up to 960GB of data will sell for $599.

This is just the latest example of this category, which will continue to see big price drops. An optimization tool such as PerfectDisk continues to be a valuable, cost-effective addition to extend the life of your SSD investment and improve performance. SSD optimization with PerfectDisk does not perform any defragmentation on the SSD drive, which would be detrimental. Rather, it consolidates the free space to improve write performance.

If you’re in the market or have recently acquired an SSD, enjoy your new purchase. Keep it running like new, for longer, with PerfectDisk.

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