Today Show Reports, PerfectGuard Fixes — Criminals Use Webcams for Spying

Prevent webcam hacking with PerfectGuardWebcam hacking does not receive a lot of publicity compared to other types of computer and software hacking that occurs. But that may be changing, as the depth of the problem becomes more known and the potential damage becomes more widespread.

This was brought out in a segment on this morning’s edition of NBC’s Today Show. As might be expected, webcam hacking falls into the more sick and creepier aspects of the online world’s bad guys, such as predators that can spy on you and your kids.

Watch the 4:37 minute video:

A few key takeaways from the Today Show’s report:

  • A key vulnerability for many of us is simply walking away from our computers and forgetting they are on.
  • You typically won’t know it when you’ve been hacked in this manner, and the webcam hacking is all done remotely.
  • Webcam spying can take place while the computer is in sleep mode/hibernating.
  • A real family’s vulnerability is shown in the report, as the investigators hacked their way into one of the family’s laptops and turned on its webcam.
  • A real-world predator, now serving 6 years in prison for spying on over 200 women, is shown.
  • A typical method of infiltration is via a simple email, such as an innocent- or fun-looking e-card.

It’s an interesting insight into a scary world. While the report concludes with some things you can do to try to avoid this problem (don’t open strange emails, put black tape over your webcam), it does not offer what we feel is the most effective thing you can do — install our PerfectGuard anti-webcam logger.

Proven protection against webcam hackers.

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