5 Ways to Show Your PC ♥ This Valentine’s Day

Show your PC some love this Valentine’s Day! Take good care of your computer hardware and the data on it for a healthy, long-lasting relationship with your PC.

Extend Hard Drive Life1. Optimize and Extend the Life of Your Hard Drive

New and old PCs need to keep hard drive (and SSD) file systems optimized and running efficiently. Anyone doing a lot of work or play on their PC will need fragmentation prevention and free space consolidation for performance and speed, plus, the more efficiently your PC runs, the longer its life will be.

Optimize Your Hard Drive: Download PerfectDisk

Update Outdated Drivers2. Update Outdated Drivers and Restore Normal Function to Your PC

If your PC, connected devices, software or accessories stopped functioning normally, you can restore stability to all hardware and software with available driver updates from the original manufacturers. Keeps all drivers updated to maintain smooth performance across your PC and all devices, eliminating device errors and crashes.

Update Drivers: Download PerfectUpdater

Protect Your Keyboard3. Protect Yourself from Keyloggers, Webcam Spies and Keep Your Web Activities Private

In the age of identity theft, a multi-antilogger is a must because it will detect what most antivirus can’t: keyloggers, webcam spies, screenloggers and clipboard thieves. Block keyloggers from recording everything typed into your keyboard, prevent spyware from seeing everything you can see on your screen, block malware from recording everything your webcam sees and everything you copy and paste.

Block All Logger Malware: Download PerfectGuard

Speed Up Your PC4. Clean Out Invalid Registry Entries and Speed Up Your PC

Any PC that frequently freezes up, with programs that hang (“Not Responding” errors) or crash to a blue screen, may need registry optimization. Clean up your Windows registry, fix and remove invalid registry entries causing errors and speed up your PC.

Speed Up Your PC: Download PerfectRegistry

Recover Deleted Files5. Find and Recover Long-Lost Photos and Accidentally Deleted Files

An advanced file recovery tool will find and restore missing pictures, videos, music files, documents and more – (even from corrupt drives!) – that other recovery tools can’t find. Preview files in trial mode and play back video and music files so you know what you’re getting before you recover them.

Recover Deleted Files: Download PerfectFileRecovery

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