Back from the Brink of the Blue Screen of Death

prevent the blue screen of deathHas your computer ever shut down without any warning? You’re in the middle of creating a file, reading email or updates on your Facebook wall, maybe listening to music, or browsing the Internet and for seemingly no reason whatsoever, your computer decides it’s time to shut down whether you like it or not.

Prevent Blue Screen Crashes with PerfectUpdater

It can be a blue screen or no error screen at all, just restarting and opening up to a black screen asking if you’d like to restart in Safe Mode. Either way, at that point, you don’t care because the result is the same:

  • That document you were creating that never got saved? Buh-bye!
  • Didn’t finish downloading that song you paid for? So what?!
  • In the middle of an online application you now have to start over? Too bad!

This exact thing happened to me on my personal laptop a few weeks ago. Not only did it happen once but it was happening daily – sometimes more than once a day – and it was driving me crazy.

All Because of an Outdated WiFi Driver?

I had no idea what was wrong because I am always cautious about clicking suspicious links in emails and social posts. I don’t visit questionable websites and I’m also protected with PerfectGuard in addition to my antivirus software, so I was pretty sure whatever was happening was not due to a virus or some other malware, but still, it was very annoying.

laurenRestarting after a crash for the fifth or sixth time in a few days, Windows finally prompted me with an Intel WiFi Link 5100 outdated driver notification but it also reported that Intel no longer manufactures updates for this driver. Great.

Knowing to stay away from third party driver updates, I immediately realized I had installed PerfectUpdater and activated it with a license key weeks earlier but never actually scanned for outdated drivers or performed a driver update.

At first, seeing that this was just a wireless Internet-related driver issue, I thought “how in the world could a wifi driver crash my entire operating system?” but I gave it a whirl anyway, thinking if there were any safe driver updates available for this issue, PerfectUpdater would have them. And it did.

Fast-forward two weeks later and my laptop has not crashed once. In our blog alone, we’ve seen PerfectUpdater restore broken PC speakers, SD card drives and video. Now you can add “averting blue screen error shutdowns” to the list of real-life success stories for PerfectUpdater and this doesn’t just apply to outdated wifi drivers, as any number of outdated drivers can create this problem.  Just update outdated drivers and end crashing shutdowns.

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