PerfectAdmin Remote Support and Remote Control are here — Go!

PerfectAdmin is Here

PerfectAdmin is now available for all your remote administration needs!

Raxco Software’s latest offering for system administrators and help desk users is comprised of two components:

PerfectAdmin Remote Control

PerfectAdmin Remote Control lets Windows helpdesk administrators quickly and easily troubleshoot and resolve end-user issues without leaving their desks. Remote problems can be resolved even on unattended computers, saving time and resources.

Highlights include:

    • Licensed per admin – all clients are free
    • Easily connect to remote PCs and servers
    • Secure encrypted connection

Remote Control Helpdesk Tool is Here

  • All-in-one single console management
  • Start remote sessions without rebooting
  • Quickly troubleshoot remote user problems
  • Easily install and deploy agents remotely
  • Connect to remote unattended computers
  • Built-in chat function for shared sessions
  • Session notifications and logging.

Learn more about PerfectAdmin Remote Control here.

PerfectAdmin Remote Support

PerfectAdmin Remote Support is a user-friendly advanced Windows remote administration tool that offers management capabilities on servers and PCs in your network – even unattended machines – providing a detailed status overview and allowing systems administrators control over the entire domain.

Highlights include:

    • Includes PerfectAdmin Remote Control
    • Licensed per admin – all clients are free
    • Remotely access/manage PCs and servers

Remote Administration is Here

  • Secure encrypted connection
  • All-in-one single console management
  • Apply a single action across multiple nodes
  • Easy Active Directory Management
  • Exclusive Tools->Nodes view
  • Exclusive vertical and horizontal filtering
  • Exclusive workset session-saving
  • Exclusive audit log and browser
  • Exclusive exporting to HTML, Excel, Word, text, email.

Learn more about PerfectAdmin Remote Support here.


PerfectAdmin remote administration -- remote control and remote support

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