A Critical Tip for Computer Data Loss Prevention

Recover Deleted FilesMost PerfectDisk® customers use its defrag and fragmentation prevention methods to keep computer hard drives running efficiently, resulting in faster response times and extended drive life. But there is a use for PerfectDisk that is not as apparent as the more obvious performance benefits of defrag.

Increase Your Odds of Finding Missing Files

That’s right. If you use PerfectDisk regularly, you have a better chance of recovering deleted and lost or missing files – even from corrupted drives – in the case of a data emergency. This includes pictures/photographs, documents/spreadsheets, videos/mp3 files and anything else you can imagine.

As you may already know, Raxco’s multi-storage media file recovery tool, PerfectFileRecovery, already beats the competition when it comes to the number of file types it can restore and the hard-to-find files that other recovery solutions miss. You don’t even have to install PerfectFileRecovery in order for it to work – just download and scan for files. In fact, that is one of the features that allows PerfectFileRecovery to find all the deleted files other programs can’t find.

Try PerfectDisk and make your files contiguous!

PerfectDisk for data recoveryDefrag to Prevent Permanent Data Loss

Your files have a better chance of being recovered intact if they are left in a contiguous state. File fragmentation and fragmented free space decrease your chances of recovering a deleted or missing file. Running PerfectDisk (OptiWrite® to prevent fragmentation and SMARTPlacement™ as the default defrag method) regularly or on an automatic schedule will leave files in a contiguous state with the largest chunks of free space possible. This will decrease future file fragmentation and increase the likelihood of recovering files intact in the case of an accidental deletion or corrupted drive.

One Exception To The Rule

Do not run a defrag if you have already lost your files. PerfectDisk should be used on a regular basis before you lose your files and after retrieving a deleted or missing file. But if you are in the middle of an imminent deleted file “crisis,” defragmenting the disk can overwrite the deleted file, permanently erasing it and making it irretrievable. At this point, simply run PerfectFileRecovery to restore lost data.

We recommend keeping your files contiguous with PerfectDisk to ensure that you have the best chance of getting your files back when disaster strikes…and it’s only a matter of time before it does.

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