PerfectDisk is AbsolutelyWindows Utility of the Year

AbsolutelyWindows Utility of the Year is PerfectDisk

We were delighted to learn recently that PerfectDisk has again been awarded the Utility of the Year by the popular AbsolutelyWindows blog, which covers Microsoft Windows and supporting Microsoft technologies. The site noted that PerfectDisk “just keeps doing the job required,” and noted the Windows 8 support that has been added.

If you haven’t visited the AbsolutelyWindows blog, I highly recommend it — and not just because PerfectDisk is a multi-year winner. Over the past couple of weeks, numerous awards have been bestowed by AbsolutelyWindows, including Product of the Year, Software of the Year…and many more. Besides that, there is always a lot of lively commentary of the technology (particularly Microsoft and Windows) world. It’s well worth checking out.

As for the honor of AbsolutelyWindows’ Utility of the Year — we are thankful and proud to accept.


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