80% of Storage Managers Say PerfectStorage is a Huge Time-Saver

At least the ones in our Beta test have told us that.

As the PerfectStorage beta test winds down and we make final preparations for our launch next week, I wanted to share just some of the feedback we have received from the test sites.

About 60% of the beta testers told us that the biggest benefit of PerfectStorage is saving time over traditional, manual methods for reclaiming thin-provisioned disk space. Another 20% listed saving time as the second biggest benefit.  The other biggest benefits conveyed by the testers were:

  • Better overall storage management
  • Better reporting
  • Being able to delay hardware purchases

Over 80% described it as very easy to use or easy to use.

Over 75% say that PerfectStorage should be part of every storage manager’s set of tools.

Over 90% said they are very likely or likely to recommend purchase.

Is your organization doing thin provisioning? Are you spending unnecessary time maintaining it or overspending on storage?

PerfectStorage — Coming April 23rd.

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