How To ♥ Your PC Just Like Mom Would

How To ♥ Your PC Just Like Mom WouldPCs are like children: sometimes they behave like civilized little machines and at other times they just don’t listen, maybe throwing a tantrum or two. As an adoptive parent, consistency in teaching those in your care proper nutrition, grooming and hygiene habits, the difference between right and wrong, and how to behave will result in the development of a productive member of society.

Proper Nutrition, Grooming and Hygiene

Proper maintenance of your hardware and the data that resides on it is a necessary habit that – like washing your hands, brushing your teeth and eating your vegetables – keeps your system healthy and helps it perform its essential duties as quickly and efficiently as possible, getting the longest possible life out of your hard drive.

Top 3 PC Health & Maintenance Utilities
  1. How To ♥ Your PC Just Like Mom WouldPerfectDisk Pro (Maximizes system efficiency, speeds up file access, and extends system hard drive life by defragmenting files and free space on an automatic schedule)
  2. PerfectUpdater (Maintains and restores PC reliability, keeps all hardware and software compatible with your system by updating outdated drivers on a scheduled basis)
  3. PerfectRegistry (Speeds up slow PC performance by removing invalid registry entries responsible for hanging applications and crashes)
The Difference Between Right and Wrong: It’s For Your Own Good

Every good parent tries to instill the proper values in their child, teaching them right from wrong, common sense, and protecting them from dangers. We also want the same for our PCs, in order to protect their functionality, the data that resides on them and our privacy.

Top 3 PC Wellness & Protection Utilities
  1. PerfectDisk Pro (Helps all your other applications run better, including resource-heavy programs, plus it plays a key role in data loss prevention)
  2. PerfectGuard (Fills in the security gaps left open by most antivirus software by protecting your keystrokes, screen views, webcam feed and clipboard usage from criminals using spyware)
  3. PerfectFileRecovery (Restores lost data missing from emptied Recycle Bins, accidental deletion without saving, misplaced files, and corrupt drives)
Minding Your Manners

How To Love Your PC Just Like Mom WouldWhen you look at the results of successful parenting, good behavior, manners and talents can go a long way for a child…and a proud parent. Keeping your PC on its best behavior, putting its qualities on display, is not only good for you; it’s good for your PC too.

Top Behavior & Performance Utilities
  1. PerfectDisk Pro o(Intelligently Optimizes hard drive performance based on usage patterns and drive types, such as HDD or SSD, for best drive life extension)
  2. PerfectUpdater (The “miracle worker” restores stability to buggy systems and unknown performance issues that leave you scratching your head when PC problems arise)

You may have noticed a pattern here. PerfectDisk Pro is at the top of each of these lists. It helps everything else your computer does work better, faster, and more efficiently. That includes other software programs too, especially resource-intensive programs that eat up a lot of your computer’s energy! Think of PerfectDisk as an all-around “mother’s helper” when caring for your PC. Download a 30-day free trial and see for yourself.

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