Update Bad Drivers: 5 Real-Life PC Performance Fixes

Update Bad Drivers: 5 Real-Life PC Performance FixesComputer trouble? The solution may be as simple as updating an outdated driver. Manually updating device drivers can be a huge undertaking. Finding out which driver is causing problems with your PC can be quite the puzzle to solve. Tracking down the latest compatible update is another issue in itself.

PerfectUpdater does all this guesswork for you and simply updates all drivers that have OEM (original manufacturer) updates available to ensure the safety of your system while restoring function to your PC and/or connected devices.

PerfectUpdater is a top seller at Raxco, and here are 5 real-life experiences to show you why:

#1 My home computer was shutting down on me daily, sometimes multiple times a day, without warning and I had no idea why.

“I had no idea what was wrong because I am always cautious about clicking suspicious links in emails and social posts. I don’t visit questionable websites and I’m also protected with PerfectGuard in addition to my antivirus software, so I was pretty sure whatever was happening was not due to a virus or some other malware, but still, it was very annoying.

Update Bad Drivers: 5 Real-Life PC Performance Fixes“Restarting after a crash for the fifth or sixth time in a few days, Windows finally prompted me with an Intel WiFi Link 5100 outdated driver notification but it also reported that Intel no longer manufactures updates for this driver. Great.

“Knowing to stay away from third party driver updates, I immediately realized I had installed PerfectUpdater and activated it with a license key weeks earlier but never actually scanned for outdated drivers or performed a driver update.

“At first, seeing that this was just a wireless Internet-related driver issue, I thought “how in the world could a wifi driver crash my entire operating system?” but I gave it a whirl anyway, thinking if there were any safe driver updates available for this issue, PerfectUpdater would have them. And it did.

“Fast-forward two weeks later and my laptop has not crashed once.”

– Lauren Lembo, Raxco Software

#2 My PC crashed, so I used a re-image disk to start over, but components/drivers where missing or not found by Windows…even the manufacturer didn’t have the right driver update available on their website.

“I can’t say enough good things about the product. My work PC totally crashed, and my company sent me the re-image disks for Window 7 Enterprise. It’s a Lenovo product. I assumed since it was a complete re-image all would be fine. Hah!

Update Bad Drivers: 5 Real-Life PC Performance Fixes“Components/drivers were missing or not found by Windows. In particular, one item was extremely bothersome: the recognition of the SD card slot, where I have a 32 Gig card I use as a fully devoted Speed Boost device under Windows 7, to give me better performance. I went to Lenovo’s site and downloaded every device driver package, including the latest chip set updates, all to no avail.

“I used your product and it found 17 updates needed, including the SD card driver. After running your product and installing everything, my machine works better now than when they shipped it to me new!!!! My SD card is back acting as the speed boost, the video drivers are better. It works perfectly; actually, it works better than the day I opened the box on the new machine…

“It’s at the top of my ‘Life or Death’ utilities toolbox, and I never will be without it. Ever.

“My best regards to your development team. It’s a benchmark of how such a utility should work. I have other similar products, such as Driver Detective and others, and they simply aren’t in the same league.

“I try to use many different utilities for PCs. Yours is in the top three must have…

“It was inexpensive to give me ‘sleep insurance.’”

– Marc Anthony Salvatini, Columbus, Ohio

Update Bad Drivers: 5 Real-Life PC Performance Fixes#3 My speakers stopped working one day.

“I just wanted to say thank you. I ran PerfectUpdater fully today (after lots of backups and concerns). It found 43 drivers out of 107 and fixed them all on a 2 year old system. When I restarted it had even fixed my 5.1 surround sound system where I had lost half the speakers.”

– Tadjio S., United Kingdom

#4 I’ve used competitors’ software and never saw a change in computer performance, in fact, one of them even caused several machines to hang.

“Dudes, just a note of thanks:) Have used plenty of products to speed up/clean up our company computers. I most cases, can’t really see much change, if any. But, just ran PerfectUpdater on a 10+ year old PC with Vista on it (recently redone) and can definitely see increased speed and improved stability. Great product – had run Driver Reviver before this. Update Bad Drivers: 5 Real-Life PC Performance FixesNot only would it hang up on several machines – some with Vista, some with Win 7, but your product found many more updates than theirs. Bravo!”

– Michael Behn, President, Signs By Tomorrow

#5 I’m always skeptical of driver update software and I was expecting PerfectUpdater not to perform as advertised, just because of previous experiences of this sort of software.

“I’m always dubious when you see software advertised that checks your driver dates and updates them if they are out-of-date. After all, you don’t know what you are actually downloading! However, Raxco is a name that I trust, so I figured I would give it a go. Although I have to be honest I was still expecting it not to perform as advertised, just because of previous experiences of this sort of software.”

Update Bad Drivers: 5 Real-Life PC Performance FixesAfter running PerfectUpdater:

I updated all 20 drivers in a matter of minutes, where as it would have taken me several hours to go and check each driver on each website and then download each one and update, so if you want to be up-to-date, but you don’t want to spend the time doing it manually then this is for you.”

– Andrew Edney, UWHS/Connected Digital World

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