Maximizing Dell EqualLogic Thin Provisioning ROI with PerfectStorage: A “No Brainer”

Time and money.

If either were unlimited or even in greater supply, so much could be possible. It’s true for many things in life and in business, and it’s no different in the case of space reclamation for thin-provisioned environments. Especially for a company with  limited resources and working with a tight IT budget.

Take the case of PBB Architect Engineers, a German-based architecture and engineering company. The 60-person company places an emphasis on quality, and the company’s attention to quality and superior workmanship has led it to a leadership position in the architectural and planning field in Germany. Its focus is on large industrial construction projects.

As Alex Strobel, IT Administrator at PBB told us:

“…to keep customers happy, we’ve always deployed the latest technology to ensure high availability and handle large amounts of data. PerfectStorage gives us the ability to keep critical data inside a high performance SAN, even if it is constantly changing.

PBB uses thin provisioning on its Dell EqualLogic to maximize its storage capacity and runs vSphere 5.1. As Alex points out:

“SCSI UNMAP closes the gap between the free disk space shown inside of a virtual machine and the space the VM actually needs at storage level. PerfectStorage helps us keep track of that process, deploy UNMAP jobs over the entire environment and keep downtime to a minimum by providing flexible scheduling and unattended operations. At the same time, it keeps operational costs low by ensuring only the space actually needed is in use. Capacity planning has become much easier.

PBB no longer needs to use the cumbersome and manual SDelete command line utility to attempt to recapture space. Not only is SDelete time-consuming, requiring several hours of admin time and necessitating production applications be brought down, it also did not provide any predictive capabilities, so PBB could only guess how much space was available to be reclaimed. Those problems have now all gone away with PerfectStorage.

Alex summarizes —

PerfectStorage provides a  quick return on investment. We achieve cost savings via saved storage administrator time and also through delaying or avoiding additional storage acquisitions. It’s a no brainer.”

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