Kudos and Love for Raxco’s Senior Tech Support “Goddess”

Over the years, we have prided ourselves on providing a level of technical support and customer service that is the best in the industry. Our focus is on doing whatever is necessary to help our customers.

Most days, our technical support and customer service teams do just that, provide support with the knowledge that they are doing their best to satisfy our customers. Sure, there are praises and thanks (and the occasional complaint), but most of the time, after solving the issue at hand, everyone just moves on to the next task — another customer in need of support. And on the customer’s end, they go on about their business with their issue resolved.

But once in a while, a special note comes in that stands out. And we received one this week from Glen Martin, Director of IT Support Services at Skyline, a Canadian company that provides residential roofing, exterior finishes and other commercial operations. Skyline employs over 400 people.

Here is Glen’s email to Susie Colon, one of our Senior Technical Support reps:

“When a friend of mine passed away this past year, I was thinking that it is sad that everyone has nice things to say about people when they die, and that we don’t say more of it to them when they’re alive.  So in keeping with that philosophy… :>)

“Even though we haven’t interacted for quite a while, but when I have in the past, your level of expertise and service has been unsurpassed.  There have been many times when I have had an issue that I thought was going to be a real bear to solve, and you have just made it easy. In over 25 years in the IT business, you are the one tech support person I have dealt with that stands out head and shoulders above the rest.  You can see on my business card below that our company vision is “Setting New Standards In Service” – to me, you are the epitome of that.

“Keep doing what you are doing – it does mean something to those of us on the other end.  You are “the tech support goddess” :>)

“Hope that this brightens your day!”

This is exactly the type of customer satisfaction we strive for here at Raxco.

We’re sorry for Glen’s loss and we appreciate his taking the time to reach out to Susie — it made her day.

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