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How to Restore a Previous Version of a Word Document or Excel File

How to Recover Previous Versions of Word Document or Excel FileThere is a way to recover previously saved versions of a Word document, Excel spreadsheet, or any other file type that you’ve saved over — but you have to act quickly for the best results.

It happens to everyone. There are two scenarios at play here:

  1. You’re working on an existing document, you make changes to the current document (or spreadsheet, or other file) and want to save your work with a new file name but you forget and accidentally hit the Save icon instead of the Save As icon. Now you’ve lost the older version of the file you’ve been working on.
  2. You create a new document, saving your draft as you make changes, but you made a significant change somewhere along the way and, instead of saving the newest content changes with a new file name, you save over the contents of the previously saved draft, losing the contents of the original draft you were working on.

If a previous version of your file can be restored, it will be because there are still active traces of the prior version of that file on your computer. Your file’s signature (the data used to identify the contents of your file) can be searched to locate the contents of previous file versions. But there is a catch:

You must search for your file’s signature immediately (not after shutting your computer down or making additional changes to your file) for the best chances of restoring the previous version of that file.

It is possible that you can find the lost contents of that file after time passes – but the longer you wait, it is more likely that your computer has written over that lost content, and the lower your chances are of finding that data.

The only file recovery program that can actually search for those traces of your file is PerfectFileRecovery. The File DiscoveryTM feature of PerfectFileRecovery gives you that special advantage of being able to search for file signatures that are typically unseen by other file recovery programs.

Another advantage PerfectFileRecovery gives you in your search for lost versions of files and deleted files is that it cannot be installed on your computer. This is by design. When you download PerfectFileRecovery, all you need to do is save it (to your desktop or somewhere handy) and run the free scan to search for your missing file(s) or versions of files.

Most file recovery programs require that you download and install their program to be able to search for files. This is counterintuitive to the task at hand. When you install a program to your computer, you are potentially writing over lost content and traces of deleted or missing files. Because PerfectFileRecovery doesn’t install, you have a better chance of finding the lost data you’re looking for.

When looking for a previous version of your Word document or another type of file with PerfectFileRecovery, the file signatures will be listed in the “Discovered” folder under a name starting with “Discovered_” followed by a number. Sort by file date or type to narrow down your search results.

How to Restore a Previous Version of a Word Document or Excel FileYou can even preview the file signatures to see if your lost content is actually there and can be recovered. That way, you don’t need to buy the program if you can’t find the previous version of your file. PerfectFileRecovery’s Live PreviewTM allows you to view the contents of the file (like pictures, documents, and spreadsheets) before you restore it. This also includes audio and video playback for music and video file content that may have been lost.

Find and restore previous versions of your file. Download PerfectFileRecovery and run a free scan for missing files.

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