How Easter Seals Boosts Windows Hyper-V Server Performance: “It Would Be Crazy Not To”

Easter Seals Hawaii has been providing services to infants, children and adults with disabilities and other special needs, and support to their families since 1946. It’s part of a national organization that has been providing services and programs to individuals with special needs for 90 years.  Easter Seals is recognized universally for its system of identifying the needs of people with disabilities and providing services to effectively meet these needs.

Easter Seals Hawaii has embraced virtualization and found success in improving server utilization and reducing costs with its deployment of Microsoft Windows Hyper-V Server. The organization employs almost 500 people. They have 5 Hyper-V host servers and 15 standalone physical servers in 13 locations across the state. It has revenue of $18 million annually and receives about $1.5 million in donations a year. The client side runs a combination of Windows XP and Windows 7; servers are running Windows Server 2003 R2 and Windows Server 2008 R2.

For over 4 years, Easter Seals Hawaii has benefited from PerfectDisk Hyper-V to ensure optimal performance for its Hyper-V virtualization environment. The organization has also deployed PerfectDisk Server and PerfectDisk Professional for its physical servers and PCs, respectively. Hugh Khim, Information Technology Services Manager, sees peace of mind for the performance of his infrastructure, particularly the virtualization environment, as the top benefit of PerfectDisk:

PerfectDisk Hyper-V gives me peace of mind knowing that my Hyper-V environment is running at peak performance and maximum efficiency. If anything starts running slowly or acting weird, I KNOW it’s not from disk fragmentation because PerfectDisk eliminates most fragmentation and quickly and automatically defragments the rest. A second benefit that I enjoy is not having to schedule maintenance. Everything is automatic and works perfectly without any manual intervention. Besides our Hyper-V environment, I also know all of our other servers and computers are also running at optimal performance.  Another benefit is peak disk performance on all of our computers all of the time. We used to have severe problems in the past, before PerfectDisk. When any of our computers had problems with disk fragmentation, the fix was always time consuming for the IT staff and caused significant downtime for our end-users. Easter Seals Hawaii is a very happy customer!”

Easter Seals Boosts Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V PerformanceKhim believes PerfectDisk Hyper-V makes sense for any organization running Hyper-V:

“There is no question that PerfectDisk Hyper-V would be valuable to any shop, big or small, running Hyper-V. In fact, it would be crazy NOT to implement a comprehensive solution like PerfectDisk, especially because implementation is easy.”

Are you doing everything you can to ensure your Hyper-V performance is optimized?

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