Why Registry Defrag is Different Than Disk Defrag — But Equally Important

Why Registry Defrag is Different Than Disk DefragThe Windows registry is a repository for both system-wide and per-user settings. Data in the registry is stored in hundreds of keys and sub-keys. As you operate your computer, Windows and programs constantly query the registry for information. The registry becomes internally fragmented from the addition and removal of registry entries.

Over time, the registry ends up with a lot of blank cells. When new items are added to the registry, these blank cells remain unused, causing the registry to grow much larger than the size of the actual data it holds. A bloated registry results in:

  • slower boot time;
  • slower system operation;
  • and slower application performance.
Registry Defrag is Not Disk Defrag

Most Raxco customers are familiar with the disk defragmentation our flagship software, PerfectDisk, provides. While PerfectDisk provides faster disk access and Windows operation, the type of defrag your registry needs is an entirely different issue. The fragmentation in your registry is internal, so total registry defragmentation is a two-part process.

Defragmenting your disk – external to the registry – with PerfectDisk will provide faster disk access and access to your files; this is exactly what PerfectDisk is designed to do. But defragmenting or “compacting” the registry internally is an entirely different process executed by PerfectRegistry, which will provide faster system access to your registry settings, an area PerfectDisk does not touch, and is not meant to.

PerfectRegistry defragments the registry, compacting it and eliminating the bloat for faster system access to your Windows configuration settings, resulting in faster boot time and general Windows operation.

Download PerfectRegistry and after you run an initial registry scan and repair registry issues, move over to the Defrag Registry tab and click the Optimize Registry Now button. Reboot your computer once the defrag process is finished to complete your speed improvement.

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