Performing Manual Space Reclamation? Improve That

We’re now a few months into the life of PerfectStorage, and the interest in our new thin-provisioning space reclamation product continues to grow. Every site is unique, of course, but the biggest sweet spot we are seeing from our storage administrator customers boils down to the simplification of the cumbersome space reclamation process.

Time, Precious Little Time

Many organizations have processes in place — but they are far from satisfactory, far from automated, and far from an efficient use of time. The processes typically involve a heavy reliance on scripts that need to be regularly tweaked and maintained, together with manual tools like SDelete or something provided by the storage manufacturer. The maintenance of these processes gets very time consuming, resource intensive, and expensive.

Is It Even Worth It to Run a Reclaim Operation This Week?

Another problem with these existing methods is the lack of visibility into the entire space reclamation process. No reporting, no real understanding of how much space is really available and how much can actually be reclaimed at any point in time. A lot of guesswork. You may run a manual reclaim operation only to find out that it didn’t warrant the time and effort to reclaim the small amount of space recovered.

For sites with processes already in place, PerfectStorage helps them move away from the manual chores and helps automates the process. It also provides reporting and visibility for the space reclamation task.

New to Space Reclamation?

Interestingly, we are also seeing some companies and organizations that don’t have any space reclamation mechanism for their thin-provisioned environments. As they look into space reclamation, they find that PerfectStorage is a quick, simple, cost-effective way to implement this process.

The key, important goal that both types of users share is to delay that next storage purchase. Chances are very good that new storage is going to need to be purchased — at some point. But if you’re spending $50,000 to $100,000 or more, why not put that off for 6 months to a year?

Are you performing manual space reclamation?

There’s a better way.

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