NFL Fans: Get Ready for Some…PerfectDisk

The NFL and PerfectDiskThe wait is over!

That’s right, after several months since the Super Bowl, the National Football League’s new season starts tonight. For many here in the United States, it’s an exciting time of year, as American football has become the country’s most popular sport to watch. Of course, there are also those that could care less, other than the fact that there will now be a lot more parking spaces at the mall on Sunday afternoons.

6 Degrees of…PerfectDisk at a Football Game

And Raxco Software and PerfectDisk — to little fanfare — has a connection. The Seattle Seahawks are longtime PerfectDisk and PerfectDisk Exchange customers. The labor union of the NFL players — the NFLPA — is also a longtime PerfectDisk user. Of course, players will be flying around the country on Boeing jets.

The Fortune 500 and PerfectDiskBefore their tailgates, fans will be stopping at Subway, McDonald’s and Denny’s. Maybe driving to a game or to their friends in a Chrysler, stopping for gas at an Exxon Mobile or Sunoco. Calling their friends on a Sprint wireless plan. If their car breaks down, they might call the American Automobile Association. After the tailgate, maybe they’ll freshen up and brush their teeth with Crest toothpaste, one of Proctor & Gamble’s numerous brands.

All the while, fans and players will be protected by the Coast Guard’s security zone in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor during the NFL kickoff event this weekend.

All these companies and organizations I mentioned? PerfectDisk customers.

Of course, if you’re watching a game or two at home and fretting about the fate of your team, at least you don’t need to worry about your computer’s performance, assuming you have PerfectDisk installed.

Enjoy the season!

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