The Fastest Way Back After a PC or IT Disaster

You’ve done what you can to ensure you can recover from a computer disaster — whatever your definition of disaster is. Whether it is a flood, hurricane, software corruption or a faulty driver, you’ll know it when you experience it.

  • If you’re an IT professional, you make sure all your bases are covered for lost data and broken systems. This probably means at least daily and weekly backups. Maybe an imaging tool as well, or a cloud backup solution.
  • As a home user, you are hopefully taking backups — either regularly by yourself or with a cloud-based solution. And you might have an imaging tool as well.

But how do you answer this question?

“How quickly can I (or we) get back to using our computer(s) after a disaster?”

The typical answer is probably hours, if not days.

And if you’re a system administrator, you know that you’re likely dealing with unhappy — and unproductive — employees. And depending on the disaster, it’s potentially hours or days for multiple users.

If your home computer has suffered the disaster, the delay is going to be tough to deal with as you pull your backups and images together to restore your system.

What if your systems could be restored in seconds, with a simple press of a key?

Return systems to a pristine and trusted state in the time it takes to reboot.

That day is coming…stay tuned.

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