Cloud Too Slow? Instantly Recover OS & Data After Software Corruption

Software corruption is third leading cause of system downtime, after hardware failure and human error, according to Continuity Central, the international business continuity information portal.

Recovery from software corruption is just as painful and time-consuming as a hardware failure. While the cloud and backups provide excellent protection from physical disasters, you need a rapid response plan to deal with software corruption too.

We have all been there: you need to apply a critical server patch and it fails. Now you are looking at several hours of downtime while you reimage the server, update Windows and reinstall and update your applications. What if you could protect yourself from all software corruption and recover your systems and resume operations in minutes?

StorageNewsletterWhen the Cloud Takes Too Long

One of the most critical factors in recovering from any software corruption event is time. Cloud services and external storage backups can take hours and sometimes days. What you want is the full recovery of your system in the fastest possible time. And you want to be assured that everything works just like it did before the corruption event.

A recent study published in StorageNewsletter found that 60% of organizations using cloud storage recovered applications and data up to 24 hours after a failure, 19% took up to 3 days and 20% took more than 3 days to recover.

But what if you can’t afford that many days – or hours – of downtime?

Recovering the OS and Data from Software Corruption

Software corruption can come in a variety of forms from the failed Windows patch to a bad application update to malware or virus infection. In any of these situations you need a way to return your servers or workstations to a trusted state as quickly as possible. The process of reimaging and updating the operating system, reinstalling applications and possibly recovering data from backups or the cloud can be labor-intensive and time-consuming, not to mention the unavailable resources while the recovery takes place.

While getting your systems back up and running is key, recovering data can also be a lengthy process that hampers productivity, especially on workstations. Restoring from backups or the cloud can take forever and ties up system administrators who could be doing other tasks. The ideal situation is where you recover your data, or at least the important data, at the same time you recover the OS.

Recovery with a Reboot

What Cloud Storage Can’t Do: Instant Disaster RecoveryComing soon from Raxco are InstantRecovery and InstantRecovery Server, solutions that will immediately return systems to a pristine and trusted state — including selected files and folders — in the time it takes to reboot.

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