Do-It-Yourself PC System and Data Recovery – No Geeks Required!

If you’ve ever been the victim of a computer virus attack, failed Windows update, or software corruption that left your PC unbootable, you know what a headache these scenarios can cause the average or even power PC user. If you’re not as tech-savvy as those computer “geeks” for hire, your options are limited when it comes to recovering your operating system and the data stored on your drives — and there are some things that even the savviest of techies can’t fix. But Raxco’s got something in store for you.

Let’s look at your existing options:

System Restore Doesn’t Fix Everything

Do-It-Yourself PC System and Data Recovery – No Geeks Required!System Restore is a built-in feature on Windows PCs that helps you revert your system to settings from a prior date but it has its limitations. Some viruses disable the System Restore feature, rendering it completely unusable, leaving you in a perpetual state of a virus attack. In addition, System Restore doesn’t protect your data files or installed applications.

Backups Can’t Rescue You

We all know we’re supposed to perform regular backups of our data. Backups are like the daily multi-vitamin of computer technology – we know it’s a good thing, a precaution to take, but not everybody does it, at least not as regularly as we should, and that’s because it can be a time-consuming inconvenience.

But even doing your daily backups as instructed can leave you in the dark:

  • First, your data backups are only as good as the last time you backed them up. Files evolve over time and you may have made many changes to existing files that were never backed up again after the initial backup.
  • Secondly, your backups are really no good if you have a system that won’t boot.
Help Not Wanted

If your system won’t boot or a virus has taken over your computer, there is outside help. You can hire one of those computer “geeks,” either in-person or in-store, and you can give them remote access to your system:

  • Any of these options means someone else has access to your PC, your files, and personal data, including financial information and whatever else you keep on your computer.
  • Plus you don’t know how long it will take to get your computer back if you bring it to a shop.
Instant Do-It-Yourself System and Data Recovery

If you don’t trust your data in someone else’s hands or you just want to protect your system and the data on it without having to take any other precautions, you’ll like Raxco’s new system and data recovery software: InstantRescue for home users and InstantRecovery for businesses.

  • InstantRescue is a one-stop solution for quick system and data recovery without having to hire a geek or deal with the backup process. It instantly rescues your system and the files on it in the time it takes to reboot. Files are restored to their most recent condition prior to the system failure, so you’re not missing any data. Do-It-Yourself PC System and Data Recovery – No Geeks Required!All files in the My Documents folder are automatically protected. And if your PC won’t boot, InstantRescue automatically rescues and reboots your system on the third failed reboot attempt.
  • InstantRecovery offers a more robust solution for business users: it supports multiple snapshots, the freeze capability* restores your system to the same snapshot every time, and there’s an easy export/import feature for backup and archiving.

*Available in the Business and Server Editions only.

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