Windows 8.1 RAM Disk Computer Speed Optimizer

RamDisk Plus: Computer Speed Software for Windows 8.1, 7, Vista & XPSince late September, RamDisk Plus has been boosting speeds on computers running Windows 8.1, in addition to the prior Windows 8 OS, Windows 7, Vista and XP. This computer speed-optimizing software  harnesses the power of extra RAM on your system; it diverts resources away from your hard drive and into your super-fast system RAM to speed up common activities, such as web browsing, editing files, and doing pretty much everything we do on our computers.

Remember, RamDisk Plus is the only RAM disk software that can access the RAM trapped above 4 GB in 32-bit systems, common on older computers but also available in some newer models.

How do people like RamDisk Plus? The consensus is in:

I installed RamDisk Plus on an older Compaq computer in hopes that I could keep the computer going for a little while longer…RamDisk Plus sped everything up, from the display of web pages to the loading of Microsoft Word. It seemed to breathe a new life into it.” – Al L.

“I wanted faster, quicker and more responsive browsing. I point my cache to the RAM Disk and it’s sooo much faster.” – Jerry L.

Boot up time has gone from close on 240 secs to about 170 secs, I know I have measured it!” – Clive M., UK

“Once I loaded RamDisk the improvement was so noticeable I didn’t want to be without it.” – Murray L.

RamDisk Plus is working phenomenally…Super sweet software, thanks!” – Ron, Flippin, AR

Download a 2-week free trial, follow our easy instructions on using RamDisk Plus and see for yourself! Learn more about RamDisk Plus.

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