Storage Wars: SSD Gains on HDD…But Everybody Wins with PerfectDisk

Storage Wars: SSD Gains on HDD…But Everybody Wins with PerfectDiskSSDs are challenging HDDs as the “king” of storage media. StorageNewsletter recently published research by Neuralytix predicting the HDD vs. SSD storage wars will escalate up until 2016 with SSD vendors having an edge on traditional disk manufacturers however both sides of the storage media war come out winners, in terms of performance and lifespan, with PerfectDisk.

SSD vendors have a number of innate advantages:

-These vendors do not have to make their systems backward compatible with previous generations of storage systems. This allows these vendors to be more agile and innovative with their approach of storage system design;

-Many of the innovations in these next generation all-flash storage systems are software driven (i.e. the value is not in the components themselves, but in the intelligent way software is used to deliver data services and storage management);

-The software driven approach allows these vendors to ride Moore’s Law by leveraging the multi-core, multi-socket CPU architectures found in low-cost servers;

-By using a solid-state storage medium, these storage systems can achieve performance that is at least one order of magnitude better than traditional HDD based storage systems; and

Data efficiency software is the number one requirement to bring SSD costs below HDD storage.

PerfectDisk has been optimizing HDD storage for decades and just a couple years back, we pioneered SSD optimization with SSD-specific free space consolidation technology that allowed for more efficient TRIM operations, reducing write amplification, thereby extending SSD lifespan.

As we anticipate the launch of PerfectDisk 13, both technologies – HDD and SSD – continue to benefit from the best possible performance and extended lifespan with improvements for both, including more features for optimizing your SSD:

  • Up to 20% faster HDD optimization
  • Up to 20% faster SSD optimization
  • Enhanced SSD reporting and recommendations
  • Increased flexibility in custom scheduling
  • Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 support

Learn more about PerfectDisk HDD and SSD optimization and download a 30-day free trial.

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