NEW! InstantRecovery: Restore Your OS, Applications & Data in a Reboot

NEW! InstantRecovery: Restore Your OS, Applications & Data in a RebootNow you can recover desktops, laptops and servers from system failure or software corruption as quickly as a reboot — and all selected data is preserved in its most recent state, no matter which snapshot you restore.

Instant Entire System Recovery (Operating System, Applications and Data)

InstantRecovery™ and InstantRecovery Server™, high-availability system recovery solutions for enterprise and small business use, introduce breakthrough technology that redefines system recovery due to software corruption from a failed system upgrade or patch, application update failures, malware or a virus. With InstantRecovery, systems are restored to a pristine and trusted state in the time it takes to reboot.

NEW! InstantRecovery: Restore Your OS, Applications & Data in a RebootInstantRecovery captures your entire system including the operating system, applications and selected user data. Say goodbye to system reimaging, OS updates, application re- installations and data restoration from backups. InstantRecovery works even when corruption renders your system unbootable, a distinct advantage over System Restore.

Raxco Product Manager Greg Hayes explains:

“Everyone has experienced a failed server patch or system upgrade failure. Downtime costs money and software corruption cases typically take hours to remedy.

With InstantRecovery you can shorten that recovery time from hours to less than a minute. InstantRecovery gets the OS, applications and important user files back up and running with a reboot.”

Patented Data Anchoring

InstantRecovery’s patented Data Anchoring technology sets it apart from other imaging solutions. One of the issues with recovery from images is that the data is only as good as the last image (and the same goes for backups). With InstantRecovery, files and folders can be “anchored” so they are available in their most recent state to any image the system uses to reboot. With Data Anchoring there is no lost data or lengthy downloads from backups.

NEW! InstantRecovery: Restore Your OS, Applications & Data in a Reboot6 Ways InstantRecovery is Better Than System Restore

While System Restore typically works as advertised, tech forums are filled with instances where restoration was not possible. InstantRecovery offers a better solution for restoring systems, applications and data as fast as it takes to reboot — and it does several things System Restore can’t do.

We’ve detailed 6 distinct advantages InstantRecovery has over Windows System Restore.

Recovering from Software Corruption: When The Cloud Takes Too Long

Software corruption is third leading cause of system downtime, after hardware failure and human error. Recovery from software corruption is just as painful and time-consuming as a hardware failure. And while the cloud and backups provide excellent protection from physical disasters, you need a rapid response plan to deal with software corruption too.

Cloud services can take hours and sometimes days to recover. What you want is the full recovery of your system in the fastest possible time, with everything working just like it did before the corruption event. InstantRecovery gives you that immediate access to your system when it was in pristine condition, as well as all anchored files in their most recent state before the system failure.

InstantRecovery takes snapshots of full system images to instantly restore the entire working Windows environment and it includes:

  • Freeze capability* to restore a system to the same snapshot every time
  • Access to user data up to the point of failure via unique Data Anchoring
  • Support for multiple snapshots/differentials
  • Flexible scheduling for snapshots and archives
  • Export/import for backup and archiving

*Available in the Business and Server Editions only.

Download a 15-day free trial of InstantRecovery (for workstations/PCs) and protect servers with a 15-day free trial of InstantRecovery Server.

Learn more about Raxco’s system recovery solutions for business.

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