The Single Cause of System Downtime You Can Actually Prevent

System Downtime Costs More Than You ThinkSystem downtime is expensive whether the cause is a power outage, premature system failure or software corruption. Find out how you can prevent downtime that lasts longer than 30 seconds and save hours of system restoration time after a software corruption event.

System Downtime Costs More Than You Think

In a recent whitepaper1, APC, the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) maker, noted the hourly costs of downtime by industry and the numbers are staggering. The industries where downtime is the most expensive are:


Industry Hourly Cost of Downtime
Financial Institutions $43,195.60
Energy $22,768.00
Utilities $15,237.60
Insurance $14,836.80
Retail $ 9,774.80
Construction and Engineering $ 8,647.20


Downtime means more than idle employees. There are both direct and indirect costs associated with downtime, such as:

  • revenues that may not be captured,
  • reduced customer satisfaction,
  • damaged brand perception, and
  • negative public relations.

Just ask any bank whose ATMs are hacked or Target and TJX.

Recover Systems, Applications & Selected Data as Quick as a Reboot

How to Save Hours of System Restoration Time

Software corruption is the third leading cause of system downtime after human error and hardware failure. While it is hard to defend against a careless act or the premature demise of an electronic component you can do something to protect your systems from software corruption:

  • Failed system patches or updates
  • Bad application upgrades
  • Malware or viruses

Raxco’s InstantRecovery system restoration software protects not only your operating system, but applications and selected user data too. An identical copy of your system is maintained locally and should your system fail due to software corruption, InstantRecovery will restore the system to its previous trusted state in the time it takes to reboot.

InstantRecovery: Restore Your OS, Applications & Data in a RebootInstantRecovery reduces downtime to a minimum while saving companies hours of system restoration time and avoiding the negative consequences associated with not doing business as usual.

Don’t let downtime eat up your bottom line; protect your systems with InstantRecovery.

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