3 Tips for Recovering Deleted Documents

3 Tips for Recovering Deleted DocumentsThe most common file recovery problems that bring people to Raxco Software include recovering a file that was never saved in the first place, recovering a previously saved version of a file that has been saved over with new data, and unfortunately, victims of free file recovery programs. A lot of free (and paid) file recovery programs actually operate in a way that hinder the ability to recover the files you want to retrieve. Here are a few file recovery tips that can steer you in the right direction.

1. How to Recover an Unsaved Document

If you deleted a document before saving it, it is not like a file with a name that can be found in your Recycle Bin. If there is data that can be recovered from your accidentally deleted file it would be found in the form of temp files.

The only way you can recover a document that has not been saved is if there was a temporary file created when you were working on the file and if that temp file is still available.

Whatever you do, do not reboot your computer. An unsaved document may still have temporary files associated with it if you have not written over the data in that temp file. You may lose those temp files forever if you reboot your computer.

Recovering an unsaved document is not guaranteed but your best bet is to avoid any file recovery program that must be installed in order to work. If you must install a program before it allows you to search for your lost files, the act of installing the program may actually write over the data you are trying to recover. This can happen whether you are trying to recover saved files or unsaved files.

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How to Restore a Previous Version of a Word Document or Excel File2. How to Recover a Prior Version of a Saved Document

You’re working on an existing document, you make changes to the current document and want to save your work with a new file name but you forget and accidentally hit the Save icon instead of the Save As icon. Now you’ve lost the older version of the file you’ve been working on.

Maybe you’re creating a new document, saving your draft as you make changes, but you made a significant change somewhere along the way and, instead of saving the newest content changes with a new file name, you save over the contents of the previously saved draft, losing the contents of the original draft you were working on.

There is a way to recover previously saved versions of document but you have to act quickly for the best results.

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Recover Deleted Files3. Stay Away from Free File Recovery Programs

Besides the obvious threat of third party software that can be secretly installed with any free downloadable product, and the risk these downloads pose to your privacy, the problem with most free file recovery programs is that you must download and install them to your computer before you can search for deleted files.

When you’re looking to restore missing files, installing any program will make changes to your hard drive that could potentially delete those missing files permanently. If you install a free file recovery program over the lost files and overwrite them, they are gone for good.

Many free file recovery programs sabotage the exact purpose of the product: finding and recovering deleted and missing files.

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