5 Reasons Your Business Needs a High Availability System Recovery Tool

5 Reasons Your Business Needs a High Availability System Recovery ToolIn business, time is money. When disaster strikes, whether it’s a failed software or system update or a malware attack, you need to get your PCs (and servers, if you have them), back up and running in as little time possible, especially if the system failure occurs during business hours.

In a prior blog post, we discussed the costly nature of system downtime and ways you can prevent downtime, or at least avoid prolonged downtime, when every minute counts.

But who’s most at risk for costly, prolonged downtime?

5 Critical Situations Warranting a High-Availability System Recovery Solution

Here are the highest-value situations begging for the ability to immediately restore systems to a pristine state while preserving saved data as it was last saved:

  1. Laptops and tablets operating away from the network and tech support (i.e. road warrior environments and remote offices). The cost of extensive downtime exceeds the cost of the technology many times over when your remote users need an instant solution to get back up and running.
  2. Compliance certifications required. In some instances, industry certifications, major customer relationships or similar institutional requirements impose a penalty for not meeting some minimal compliance standards. A high-availability system recovery tool can provide one more solution to help meet those criteria in a way unique from other solutions.
  3. Servers. A high-availability server recovery tool can provide another level of redundancy for servers and that can be especially useful when planned downtime turns into unplanned downtime.
  4. “Frequent-flyer” tech support users. For one reason or another, there are certain clients who seem to need help desk support much more than the “typical” client. A high-availability system recovery tool that allows these users to return their computers to a safe deployed state with a simple reboot, while maintaining any data that might have been saved on their computer, cuts down hours of helpdesk time.
  5. Computers of top executives. Many organizations have a few top executives who don’t always follow the enterprise policy requiring saving data to the server or cloud. When their computers have a glitch, your IT department will look like heroes if they can recover the computer immediately and without data loss instead of reciting IT policy.

In these scenarios, you need a high-availability system and data recovery tool. Data backups are useless if your system won’t boot, and if it does boot, your backups are only as good as the date your last backed them up. We’ve also outlined the 6 reasons you can’t rely on System Restore in these situations either.

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High Availability, Compliance and Deployment: 3 Tools in 1

Here is a deeper look into what high-availability system and data recovery tool InstantRecovery provides:

5 Reasons Your Business Needs a High Availability System Recovery ToolHigh Availability

With a simple reboot, a Windows® operating system and applications can be restored to any one of (up to) ten independent prior states, called Snapshots, in a matter of seconds. Data will be current up to the point it was last saved with our Data Anchoring feature. Snapshots are hidden from the operating system, so they remain uncorrupted and on standby until needed.


Many work environments require that all computers within their organization be compliant with IT policies. There are a number of tools that help IT managers monitor and maintain compliance. Under the strictest definition of compliance (no changes from how the OS and applications were deployed), the incidence of non-compliance can be significant and difficult to manage. 100% compliance is essentially impossible in most organizations. Trusted partners may have access to your network. Phishing is becoming more and more sophisticated. Laptops and tablets leave the protection of the network and then come back into the network; employees work from home; thumb-drives are a constant threat, and the list goes on and on. With InstantRecovery, a simple reboot can restore a computer to the state of deployment by the IT department/consultant.


There are many great tools for deploying updates to the operating system and applications. InstantRecovery has some unique capabilities that may be needed for “special circumstances:”

  1. when the downtime associated with a failed update is simply not acceptable, or
  2. when a “locked down” system should not be unlocked even to accommodate a system update.

InstantRecovery allows deployment of new snapshots of the operating system and applications while retaining the prior builds for backup in the event there is a glitch in the deployment of the update. The system can continue to run while the problem is diagnosed and fixed “offline.” Likewise, an updated operating system and applications can be deployed without ever unlocking the system using InstantRecovery.

Added Capability (Not a Separate Tool)
5 Reasons Your Business Needs a High Availability System Recovery ToolForensic Analysis

A computer reboot to provide high availability does not eliminate the ability to do forensic analysis of a corrupted computer. Copies of the prior (corrupted) snapshot of the OS and applications can be retained for forensic analysis in those environments where that level of security monitoring and analysis is needed.

InstantRecovery protects your systems, installed applications and selected files and folders from system failure. Users can restore failed systems to the same pristine system snapshot every time with the Freeze feature*, while restoring all selected files in their most recently saved state.

*Available in the Business and Server Editions only.

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