How to Solve Your Slow SharePoint Performance and Backup Problems

SharePoint search not working and backups taking too long? SharePoint, Microsoft’s multi-functional collaboration software, is used to increase efficiency and productivity by centralizing information and applications, including:

  • How to Solve Your Slow SharePoint Search and Backup ProblemsDocuments, such as client deliverables and reports
  • Project schedules and task lists
  • Media, such as training videos
  • Enterprise search
  • Websites

However, due to the growth of usage rates within organizations, SharePoint’s popularity is inevitably slowing down performance due to the significant I/O of all the resource-intensive activities that take place on it, especially that of search and backup times, to the point it is becoming less efficient and more of a drain on system resources. But there is a way to reverse this trend.

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How SharePoint Performance Declines

Just as files on a single PC can be written and rewritten at different times, resulting in inevitable file fragmentation, SQL database files on disk can also suffer from fragmentation, which increases read/write times and slows down SQL performance. 

As the number of SharePoint users grows, the amount of data grows with it, making the performance problem even more disruptive to operations and productivity.

And according to Metalogix, content is growing fast. During a study conducted at the 2012 SharePoint Conference, they found organizations experience an average content growth rate of 75% per year.

So What Can You Do About Your SharePoint Problem?

As we’ve discussed previously on the Raxco Blog, Windows NTFS is the root cause of physical and virtual I/O problems, so why would it be any different here?

Just as you would use PerfectDisk Pro to defragment and prevent fragmentation on your PC to improve performance, PerfectDisk Server must be used to defragment and prevent fragmentation on those SQL Servers to eliminate I/O bottlenecks during hours of operation and significantly reduce backup times. PerfectDisk can also be scheduled to only run at certain times or when the system is idle.

SharePoint performance problems that can easily be fixed with PerfectDisk:

  • Search not working or taking too long
  • Slow file uploading and downloading
  • Exceeding your backup window (continuing into business hours)
  • Lack of responsiveness for remote users

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Even Microsoft Recommends Defragmenting Your SQL Server

In an article titled Improving SharePoint Performance in TechNet Magazine, Microsoft recommends defragmentation as a resolution for high disk I/O activity on your SQL Server. Possible root causes listed by Microsoft include:

  • Large list operations
  • Timer jobs
  • Backup
  • High I/O databases (temp, search, content)

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