Was Your PC Held Hostage by Scareware or Unbootable? Here’s Plan B for Next Time

PC Held Hostage by Scareware or Unbootable? Here's Your Plan BHave you ever found yourself in either of these situations?

PC Held Hostage by Scareware

A virus or spyware infection inundates your desktop with a pop up that displays a fake warning to purchase their antivirus solution to make the infection – that they put there – go away. And when you cleverly attempt to revert your system back to a normal state via System Restore with a Restore Point from a time before the infection, you find that the virus has also disabled System Restore, so you can’t get rid of it!

Scareware is No Match for InstantRescue and InstantRecovery

Failed Operating System or Software Update Renders Your System Unbootable

Something goes wrong with an everyday Windows update or a software update fails and it renders your system unbootable. Where does that leave you? You can’t access System Restore in order to attempt a reboot. And even if you’ve backed up your data, where can you access it without a bootable PC?

Until now, you had two options for dealing with these expensive headaches:

  1. Buy a new computer
  2. Hire an expensive computer repair “geek”

Was Your PC Held Hostage by Scareware or Unbootable? Here’s Plan B for Next TimeEither way, you’re probably out a significant amount of cash and you can’t guarantee that you’ll ever get your system or your data back. Even if you are able to retrieve your data, the files may be corrupted and they won’t necessarily to be available in their most recently saved state. Depending on when and if you do backups, it is certainly reasonable to assume that any changes you made to your files between the last backup and the system failure could be lost for good.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

When you have InstantRescue™ (for home users) or InstantRecovery™ (for businesses and power users) installed and activated on your computer, your system and the files and folders you select to preserve are immediately recoverable upon system failure. When a virus takes over your computer or a failed software or system update prevents you from using your system, simply reboot and:

  1. Hit the F1 key (the default hotkey for InstantRecovery and InstantRescue) before Windows boots;
  2. Choose to boot into your Rescue Area/Secondary Snapshot;
  3. Success! Your system and installed programs are immediately available to you in a pristine, healthy state and all your important files and folders are available to you in their most recent state.

Was Your PC Held Hostage by Scareware or Unbootable? Here’s Plan B for Next TimeOf course, before you can “rescue” your system, applications and files, you must:

  • Download and install a 15-day free trial of InstantRescue (for home users) or InstantRecovery (for businesses and power users)
  • Let InstantRescue create a copy of your Original Area/Primary Snapshot (your system at this point in time) to create your Rescue Area/Secondary Snapshot — this can take a while, as it is a complete copy of your entire system. Let it run in the background, just don’t turn it off or shut down your computer until it’s done.
  • Data Anchor important files and folders that you want immediately available to you in their most recent state in case of a system failure (InstantRescue automatically preserves all files and folders in your My Documents, My Music, My Pictures and My Videos folders but you can add any additional files and folders you like).
  • Purchase your one-time InstantRescue or InstantRecovery activation license key before the 15-day trial expires in order to continue protecting your system and immediate access to your files in case of a system failure after the trial period is over.

Download InstantRescueDownload InstantRecovery or InstantRecovery Server


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