#1 IT Focus: Instant Business Continuity

#1 IT Focus: Instant Business Continuity w/Both GPT Disks & MBR DisksThe increasing risk of cyberattack, server failure and human error disrupting business operations requires a plan for business continuity in the face of unexpected downtime. You really only enact a disaster recovery plan when the disaster (and the downtime) has already taken place. But what can you do ahead of time to prevent the disaster you would hypothetically need to recover from?

No, you can’t prevent every type of server failure or thwart every new hacker on the block but you can have a contingency plan in place to minimize downtime and restore access to critical data in case your system(s) are ever rendered unbootable. We’ve already discussed the limitations of server backups and Windows System Restore.

Downtime is expensive — not just in lost revenue but in damaged brand perception, customer service and PR.

Instant System and Data Recovery for MBR and GPT Disks

Raxco launched InstantRecovery in December as a solution for businesses looking to prevent downtime associated with the various forms of software corruption. InstantRecovery gives the user immediate (as fast as a reboot) access to a system, applications and data after a software failure has occurred, allowing business operations to continue on the front end, giving the IT department all the time it needs to resolve the problem on the back end.

Soon, InstantRecovery will support GPT disks. When it first launched, InstantRecovery supported Master Boot Record (MBR) disks. With the new version it will support both the original Master Boot Record disks and the new GUID Partition Table (GPT) disks.

Learn more about InstantRecovery and InstantRecovery for Servers.

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