After Updating to Windows 8.1, I Kept Losing Wifi

After Updating to Windows 8.1, I Kept Losing WifiI took the plunge and purchased a brand new touch-screen Windows 8 laptop earlier this year. Soon after booting up for the first time, I did the Windows update to Windows 8.1. All was well in the world, although learning how to handle the new operating system took a little getting used to.

Windows 8.1 Wifi Driver Issues

One issue that kept popping up was my wireless router would randomly lose connectivity. Sometimes my router wouldn’t even appear in my list of available Wireless Internet Connections. This was never an issue for my Android or other household laptops.

My first thought was to use PerfectUpdater to update any potentially related outdated drivers. After my last experience using PerfectUpdater to fix a crash/boot loop on an old Windows Vista machine, I knew if anything could fix my wifi issue, it was PerfectUpdater.

updating to windows 8.1Sure enough, the support notification I received in my system tray opened and said this:

After updating to Windows 8.1, please check whether your system has any incompatible software or drivers. Incompatible software or drivers can cause the following:

-Blank Screen
Loss of Internet connectivity
-Disabled hardware devices

Because I lost my wireless connection, I had to plug an Internet cable into my new laptop for a wired Internet connection in order to download PerfectUpdater. I scanned my PC with PerfectUpdater, knowing even the latest systems have outdated drivers (and this is due to the updates vendors release between the time the PC was manufactured and the time the PC is booted by the end user for the first time, me in this case), and out of the list of available updates, to save time, I selected only the wifi-related drivers to update.

The result? I was able to unplug from my wired connection and reboot and connect to my wireless router. It was that easy.

Learn more about PerfectUpdater and start a free scan for outdated drivers on your system.

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