5 Major Advantages: PerfectStorage vs. Command Line Space Reclamation

cmd line space reclamationPerfectStorage ensures that your valuable disk space can easily be reclaimed in thin-provisioned environments. It provides the five following advantages over standalone and command line-only tools like SDelete, even with scripts running for partial automation:

Advantage #1: Multiple Reclaim Methods

PerfectStorage supports 2 methods to reclaim free space from thin-provisioned storage: SCSI UNMAP and Smart Zero Fill™.

PerfectStorage reclaims thin provisioned disk space by sending either SCSI UNMAP commands or writing zeros to NTFS free clusters. The UNMAP or Smart Zero Fill™ operation signals the underlying storage controller that the space taken by these clusters are free and no longer being used and can be reclaimed.

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Advantage #2: Smart Automation (No Downtime Necessary!)

Automatically reclaim space using PerfectStorage‘s exclusive StealthPatrol technology to reclaim space only when your system is idle. StealthPatrol provides you the flexibility to run reclaim operations when Windows is not busy and/or when user-specified applications are not running. This feature ensures that when a specified application is running and the reclaim process is about to start or running, you do not lose performance for that application.

Virtual Awareness also allows PerfectStorage to monitor individual hosts and virtual guests to dynamically adjust reclaim operations based on resource usage.

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PerfectStorage performs the reclaim operation at a below-normal CPU priority (although you can configure it to run at a normal or above-normal CPU priority) and also performs disk throttling (so the reclaim operation runs at the lowest disk priority). This means that when PerfectStorage performs a reclaim operation, it is less likely to impact more essential processes running in that Windows system.

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Advantage #3: Unattended Operation

With PerfectStorage, you don’t even have to be there for the most tedious, time-consuming tasks involved in reclaiming space. Depending on your storage hardware, once you’ve configured PerfectStorage for the first time, you can automate the entire space reclamation process on your virtual guests.

Using PerfectStorage, you can schedule the reclaiming of unused space. PerfectStorage automatically starts reclaiming space when the scheduled date and time is reached.

In addition to running at a scheduled date/day/time, PerfectStorage can also be set to run when your system is idle (with its exclusive StealthPatrol technology) and manually (just by clicking the Start button).

Advantage #4: Analysis of Drives to Determine Recoverable Space

PerfectStorage takes the guesswork out of storage monitoring and management by providing a pre-analysis of reclaimable space and a post-analysis of recovered space.

PerfectStorage allows you to analyze a drive to determine the amount of recoverable space available. Based on this information, you can more easily determine if a reclaim operation is even necessary. This allows you to be more pro-active in managing storage – ensuring that you don’t needlessly run a reclaim operation in a Windows Guest when there is no real recoverable space.

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Advantage #5: Centralized Management

With the PerfectStorage Console, you can quickly and easily make changes to PerfectStorage’s configuration on a large number of computers across your enterprise. The PerfectStorage Console makes it easy to quickly query your network to find out when PerfectStorage is scheduled to run on computers and when it last ran.

The PerfectStorage Enterprise Console provides powerful and scalable network deployment, management, scheduling, and reporting for PerfectStorage across your organization’s networks.

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